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PlayStation 5

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PS5 slim hardware technical specs.

External dimensions (excluding projecting parts)
Approximately 358mm × 96mm × 216mm (width × height × depth)
Approximately 3.2 kg (7 lb.)
x86-64-AMD Ryzen™ Zen 2
8 cores/16 threads
Variable frequency, up to 3.5GHz
AMD Radeon™ RDNA 2-based graphics engine
Ray tracing acceleration
Variable frequency, up to 2.23GHz (10.3 teraflops)
System memory
448GB/s bandwidth
5.5GB/s read bandwidth (raw)
PS5 game disc
Ultra HD Blu-ray, up to 100GB/disc
BD/DVD drive
Disc drive port equipped with disc drive
Video out
Support of 4K 120Hz TVs, 8K TVs, VRR (specified by HDMI version 2.1)
Tempest 3D AudioTech
Input/output front of console
USB Type-C port (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps)
USB Type-C port (Hi-Speed USB)
Input/output back of console
USB Type-A port (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps) x2
Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax

PlayStation 5 accessories.

Push the boundaries of play with the new generation of accessories.

DualSense Edge wireless controller.

Perfect your gameplay. Building on the features of the original DualSense controller, the DualSense Edge is fully customizable, letting you personalize your controls for each game you play.
Video game controller

DualSense wireless controller.

This innovative PS5 controller delivers a deeper, highly immersive gaming experience when compared to the PS4 DualShock controller. The DualSense wireless controller features haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects.See Disclosure It also includes a built-in microphone and create button, integrated into an iconic, comfortable design. Available in a variety of colors.

Pulse 3D wireless headset.

Play in comfort with a headset fine-tuned for 3D audio on PS5 consoles.See Disclosure Featuring USB Type-C charging and dual noise-cancelling microphones, you can keep the party chat flowing with crystal-clear voice capture.Available in three colors.

HD camera.

Add yourself to your gameplay videos and broadcastsSee Disclosure with smooth, sharp, full-HD capture.

Media remote.

Conveniently control movies, streaming servicesSee Disclosure and more on your PS5 console with this intuitively designed media remote.

DualSense charging station.

Charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers simultaneously without having to connect them to your PlayStation 5 console.
Gaming monitor

Sony INZONE M9 4K HDR 27" gaming monitor.

Built for gaming performance, this monitor delivers 4K HDR visuals, a 144Hz refresh rate, and Full Array Local Dimming that makes the world on the screen come alive.

The INZONE M9 has many features built specifically for PS5. Its auto HDR tone matching will recognize your PlayStation 5 console and optimize HDR settings during initial setup.

More for your PS5

Internal solid-state drives with heatsink.

Beef up your storage with a PlayStation 5–compatible internal solid state drive (SSD) so you don’t run out of room for your favorite games. A heatsink will help keep your PS5 from getting too hot during gaming sessions.

Find out more about these devices or shop an assortment of SSDs with heatsink in a variety of storage capacities.

Backbone One.

Mobile gaming, perfected.

Snap your iPhone or Android smartphone into a Backbone One controller, launch the Backbone app, and start playing your favorite mobile, console or PC games from anywhere.
Smartphone sold separately.

Stealth Pro wireless gaming headset.

Experience the ultimate in audio immersion. This multiplatform headset delivers ultra-premium audio, clear chat, and unmatched comfort.
Video game console

PlayStation 4.

If you still play your PS4 or PS4 Pro console, you know that these consoles continue to be an exceptional choice for gaming and entertainment. Check out games, accessories and more.
Discover video games release dates and pre-order bonuses, including some you’ll find only at Best Buy. Also, check out recently released games and get the scoop on gaming events throughout the year.

DualSense 5 controller:
*Haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects are available when supported by game.

Pulse 3D wireless headset:
*3D audio is available when supported by game. Crystal-clear voice capture requires internet connection and PlayStation Network account. Third-party account required for streaming services.

HD camera:
*Gameplay videos and broadcasts require internet connection and PlayStation Network account. Third-party account required for streaming services.

Media remote:
*Third-party account required for streaming services.

“PlayStation,” “PlayStation Family Mark,” “PS5 logo,” “DualSense,” and “Play Has No Limits” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. “SONY” is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

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Learning more about PS5.

The latest in gaming from PlayStation 5.

Offering cutting-edge technology and an array of features that take gaming to new heights, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is a game-changer. If you already have a PS4 and are looking into what the difference is between it and a PS5 and if you should upgrade, you should consider the latter’s impressive hardware capabilities. The PS5 console delivers lightning-fast load times, allowing you to jump into your favorite titles almost instantly. Sony’s PS5 also supports ray tracing, which further enhances the visual experience.

There are two versions of the latest Sony PlayStation–the standard and the Digital Edition. The standard PS5 plays both digital and physical PS5 games while the Digital Edition is exclusive to only digital titles. Although the standard PS5 with disc drive is great and can also play Blu-ray movies, many people prefer the slimmer and more affordable Digital Edition. So, when asking yourself, “How much is a PS5?” the PlayStation 5 price really depends on what version you go with.

With either version of the new PlayStation, you’ll still be able to use PlayStation Network gift cards as well as PlayStation Plus for online multiplayer gaming and exclusive content. If you have an outdated system or other older tech, take advantage of the Best Buy trade-in program, where you can put your trade-in earnings towards the newest PlayStation 5. So if you are still asking, “where can I buy a PS5,” the obvious answer is Best Buy.

Bringing your PS5 system home.

If you’ve already checked on the PS5 availability and decided which PS5 you should buy, then its time to bring the new PS5 home to enjoy. You can easily connect your PS5 to your TV with the included HDMI cable, and after plugging the console into an AC power source, just follow the user-friendly on-screen setup. Then, adjust the display settings (if necessary) and get gaming.

You’ll also want some PS5 accessories to further enhance your gaming experience. Having an extra DualSense wireless PS5 controller or two will come in handy when friends are over, just be sure to stock up on PS5 batteries and chargers to ensure they’re charged up and ready to go. If you prefer online gameplay, PS5 headsets allow you to communicate with other gamers around the world from the comfort of your ergonomic gaming chair.

Finally, don’t forget about PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2), the latest virtual reality headset and platform developed by Sony. PS VR2 allows you to experience VR gaming by immersing you into 3D environments for a more realistic gaming experience. When it comes to finding a PS5 for sale, PS5 accessories and VR gaming, Best Buy offers exceptional selection and value.