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Top Toys for This Holiday Season

Find the Right Toys for the Children in Your Life

For a child, the joy of unwrapping a present and receiving a special toy can create lifelong memories. With some understanding of your child's wishes, you can give yourself the best chance of buying special holiday toys and sparking lasting memories. Best Buy has a great selection of some of the season's hottest toys.

Winning Christmas Gift Ideas

While children appreciate toys any time of year, the holidays are a time when parents, grandparents and loved ones take great care to find the right gifts. Ideas can be hard to come by, however. The child's age and interests are key to finding the right toy gifts. For toddlers, safety and age-appropriateness are the most important factor in buying a toy. For kids who are in grade school, dolls and action figures can be a safe but winning choice. Some children in this age group are into collectibles such as Pokémon toys.

For teenagers, drones, robots or remote-control toys could be a perfect fit if they align with their interests. Depending on your budget, electronics or a gaming system may be a big investment, but these items are likely to put a smile on your child's face.

LEGO Toys: Building a New Adventure

LEGO toys have been hot toys for many years. With LEGOs, your child can choose to follow the instructions or build something entirely new. LEGO Star Wars playsets have exploded in popularity in recent years. If your child enjoys these movies, a LEGO Star Wars playset could be a winner.

STEM Toys Are Cool Toys

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. More parents have discovered the value of these toys, as STEM toys and science toys are both fun to play with and can teach your child important lessons. Your child could conduct experiments, learn about robotics and coding, and much more.

For the child in your life consider Best Buy. Our selection and pricing make finding the right toy easier than ever.