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Fitbit Sense
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More featured wearable technology

Belkin charging docks
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Modal™ Apple Watch® bands
Show off your style with these colorful, affordable bands and straps.
Platinum™ Apple Watch bands
Add comfort, durability and attractive style to your Apple Watch.

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Wearable technology.

Wearable devices.

Today's technology makes it easy to monitor daily activity and stay connected. From basic activity trackers to sophisticated smartwatches, find the ideal wearable to help you stay up-to-date with the important details of your life.

Wearables for activity tracking.

You'll find wearable technology for every level of fitness, whether you want to monitor everyday activity, start a fitness program or train for an athletic competition. And when you pair your wearable tech device with a compatible app, it's easy to set fitness goals and log your progress. Many activity trackers are worn on your wrist, and you'll find a variety of styles that look like bracelets or watches. More discreet fitness wearables, like some fitbit activity trackers, can be tucked into your pocket, worn on your belt, worn around your neck or attached to your clothing. The display options can show your progress in real time, or alert you to progress using lighted codes.

Activity tracker features.

One of the simplest ways to track your activity level is by logging the number of steps you take. You can find a variety of affordable pedometers to track your steps. You'll also find more advanced wearables that can track stairs climbed, distance traveled, sleep quality, heart rate and more. Some can even calculate your calories burned based on this data.

If you're interested in tracking more advanced fitness data, a wearable with GPS function can log a variety of information. You'll find trackers and GPS watches to track your speed, number of laps and more. If you are training for a triathlon or just like to include aquatic activities as part of your fitness routine, you can also find water-resistant wearable tech devices to log strokes and distance.

Smartwatch options.

A popular wearable technology option is the smartwatch. These stylish yet functional devices allow you to conveniently and discreetly manage your digital life. Smartwatches sync with your iPhone or android phone and can even double as activity trackers. Options like the Apple watch deliver alerts, notifications and apps to your wrist. Browse a variety styles and brands to find the best smartwatch option to fit your lifestyle.