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Appliance Measuring, Delivery and Installation

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Measure twice, install once.

Fit your new appliances in your space.
Measuring your space accurately and preparing a room for your new appliances can save a lot of time on installation day. Learn tips and tricks that will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Please complete these steps before your installation:

  1. Measure and make sure your product will fit in the installation area.
  2. Measure doorways and corners to make sure your product will fit.
  3. Clear a path from the outside to the installation area.
  4. Make sure your electrical and water connections are working and accessible.
  5. Have your accessories and install kit ready (although these are usually brought by your service provider).
  6. Secure a parking spot for your service provider.
  7. Have an adult over the age of 18 at home.
  8. Get permission from your property manager.

Need to manage an upcoming service?

Look up your appointment to reschedule your date and time.

We can help choose appliances and measure your space.

Take advantage of a free appliance consultation.

If you’re interested in purchasing appliances, schedule time with a Home Expert, who can visit your home, introduce you to what’s new, do basic measuring and create a project plan that’s within your budget.

Schedule a free site survey for a full installation assessment.

If you need more details about what will fit your space and what modifications and permits might be needed, please schedule a Site Survey/Pre-Measure. Our expert will do a deeper dive and make sure everything is documented.

Learn how to measure and prep for installation.


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