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Creating Car Sound Systems

Enjoy your drive to the fullest by listening to your car radio and music in high quality sound. When you replace your factory speakers with a custom car audio setup, you can enjoy better clarity and a greater range of sound. When you run audio components through an amplifier, they'll get the power needed for enhanced output and minimal distortion, even at increased volumes.

Car Audio Systems

You'll find two types of car speakers, coaxial and component. Coaxial speakers are usually sold in pairs and they pack multiple components, such as tweeters and woofers, into each unit. Component speakers are a separate unit for each tweeter and woofer, so you can position them in your car wherever you prefer. Other car speaker products include subwoofers, which are sold individually, rather than in pairs, and amplifiers which provide additional power to drive your speakers. Subwoofers and enclosures provide deep, rich lows and bass that give your music an authentic depth of sound. Car amplifiers can produce more power to deliver increased output and enhanced sound at greater volumes.

To ensure the best setup for your car, consider car stereo installation from Geek Squad®. They can help you find the ideal components for your vehicle and properly connect everything.

Car Stereo Receivers

Take control of your experience in the car with the latest car stereo receivers. Many receivers feature Bluetooth compatibility so you can play music from your smartphone library, make hands-free calls, and access your favorite apps. You'll also find receivers that allow you to play CDs and DVDs. Keeping the kids entertained is a breeze by connecting an overhead or headrest-mounted monitor for watching their favorite DVD movies and shows. Other features you'll find with some stereo receivers include in-dash GPS capabilities, satellite radio and HD radio.