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Buying car audio equipment.

Creating a car sound system.

Take your driving experience to the next level with high-quality audio. When you replace your basic factory speakers with a custom car audio setup, you can enjoy music, radio and podcasts at a whole new level of power and pristine clarity.

You'll find there are two main types of speakers for car sound systems: coaxial speakers and component speakers. Coaxial speakers pack multiple speaker components, such a tweeter and a woofer, into each unit. Most built-in car speakers use this design.

Meanwhile, component speakers, as the name suggests, isolate the speaker components. For instance, one speaker will operate only as a tweeter and another speaker will be a woofer. This allows you a lot of control over how you mix sound within car audio systems.

The popular car subwoofer speaker, used for the lowest sounds, is traditionally sold separately and has a few variations. The component car subwoofer is just the speaker, while a powered subwoofer incorporates an amplifier. You can also buy a subwoofer with an enclosure or purchase the speaker and enclosure separately. The enclosure helps a subwoofer produce its lowest and richest sounds.

Choosing the best car audio equipment for you.

When selecting the best car audio for you, you’ll want to decide whether to go down the component route or stick with the easier coaxial speakers. Coaxial speaker installation is straightforward because you can simply replace your current speakers with higher-quality ones (note: some cars also include a pair of tweeters on the dash or in another location).

If you choose component speakers, you will have more control over the final sound, but you will need a little more expertise when designing and installing your system. Consider using Best Buy’s car stereo installation to make the job easier. You might also search for ‘car audio near me’ to find a local expert.

And remember, the best car audio systems are about more than just high-quality speakers. You’ll also benefit from a Bluetooth car audio receiver that gives you an easy-to-use interface for making music and listening choices. Plus, you may want a car multi-channel amplifier for increased power, as well as an equalizer to create the right balance.

Rocking out to music is a great way to make a drive more fun. Once you get the car audio just right, you’ll be wondering how to build your at-home audio system to the same standard.