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EV Charger Installation

Helm Smart Energy.

A trusted partner for professional installation of your EV charger.

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The Helm Smart Energy advantage.

With you each step of the way.

During your free remote consultation, Helm Smart Energy will find out what’s needed to install your EV charger. After installation, Helm Smart Energy will be available to answer questions and address concerns.

They back up every installation.

Helm Smart Energy sends licensed electricians to thoroughly inspect and test every charger’s installation and operation, working to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Exceptional customer service.

In every interaction, Helm Smart Energy’s goal is to deliver a positive experience.

The Helm Smart Energy process.

Step 1: Remote Consultation

Schedule a free remote video consultation with Helm Smart Energy. This consultation will discuss the scope of the project, pricing and more.

Step 2: Receive a Quote

Following the consultation, Helm Smart Energy will provide a detailed quote. Upon signing the contract, Helm Smart Energy will schedule your installation.

Step 3: Charger Installation

Helm Smart Energy will confirm the installation time, ensure the completion of the installation, address any permitting. and set up final inspection.

Step 4: Charge and Support

Your newly installed charger is ready to go. You can call Helm Smart Energy’s support line to handle any potential issues.

Get started now.

Let Helm Smart Energy create a solution for you.

Frequently asked questions.

Best Buy’s EV Charger Buying Guide is a great resource for learning about EV chargers and finding a product that’s right for you.

You can’t typically overcharge an EV, as built-in technology prevents charging beyond capacity. Modern electric vehicles come equipped with smart charging technology that prevents the battery from taking in more power than it can handle.

Fast charging is beneficial for quick powerups, but excessive use can strain the battery over time due to heat generation. It’s always better to use standard home charging for day-to-day use and rely on fast charging only when necessary.

Absolutely. Every installer within Helm Smart Energy’s network is licensed and certified. Installers also undergo a thorough vetting process for their professionalism and expertise. Helm Smart Energy is committed to these high standards to ensure safe and high-quality EV charger installations for every one of its customers.

While the exact time for an EV charger installation can vary based on specific circumstances and requirements, a standard installation typically takes two to four hours. This timeframe includes assessing the installation site, setting up the charger, testing it to ensure it’s working correctly, and teaching you how to use it.

The need to upgrade your electrical panel or pull permits depends on the current capacity of your electrical panel, local codes, and regulations. During the remote consultation, the Helm Smart Energy team will assess your situation and develop a personalized strategy. If an upgrade or permits are necessary, Helm Smart Energy will guide you through the process and coordinate everything to ensure a smooth and compliant installation.

If you encounter any issues with your EV charger after installation, please don’t hesitate to contact Helm Smart Energy. Their dedicated support team will work to diagnose the problem and guide you through whatever next steps are necessary.

To get ready for your EV charger installation, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Identify your preferred installation location.
  2. Ensure a strong Wi-Fi connection if your charger has intelligent features.
  3. Be aware of your electrical panel’s capacity.
  4. Clear the installation area for easy access.

The cost of EV charger installation varies depending on factors such as your charger model, installation location, and the condition of your electrical panel. Helm Smart Energy will evaluate these factors during its remote consultation to provide a personalized quote. Transparency is key in this process and Helm Smart Energy's quote will clearly outline all costs, including labor, possible panel upgrades, permits, and necessary materials. There are no hidden fees; the quote you receive is the final price Helm Smart Energy will charge.

If you have questions or want more information, call Helm Smart Energy at 1-888-293-0328.

You can call Helm Smart Energy's support line at 1-888-293-0328.