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Home Wi-Fi Setup & Wireless Networking

Home Wi-Fi Setup.

Live a truly smart life.

You love all of your smart devices, but they are all demanding attention from your Wi-Fi. That's going to slow things way down, unless you have a great wireless network. That's where Home Wi-Fi Setup comes in.

Home Wi-Fi Setup

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Here's what we'll do for you.

See all of the benefits of Home Wi-Fi Setup
  • Set up your router to maximize performance and optimize security.
  • Connect your wireless devices to save you time and hassle.
  • Recommend solutions for dead spots and slow speeds.
  • Ensure you have the speed for streaming movies and smart home devices.

We offer whole home solutions for unlimited devices in your home.

Home office

Computers, tablets and gaming.

Downloading software onto your computer? Spend less time staring at the progress bar. Watching videos on your tablet? Avoid the constant pauses for "buffering." Playing video games online? Get the jump on your opponents with a fast, dependable connection.

Smart TV

Smoother streaming of movies and TV shows.

You love streaming content onto your 4K Ultra HD TV. But the stunning picture clarity of 4K (and even 1080p) means that your wireless network is working overtime to download all the data. If your Wi-Fi isn't up to the challenge, movie night could mean a long night with the "buffering" gremlin. We can definitely help.

Voice assistant

A smart home you can depend on.

With voice assistants, smart cameras, smart thermostats and more, our homes are becoming amazingly intelligent. But your security cameras can't keep an eye on the kids if your connection is constantly dropping. You won't be able to ask your voice assistant for the weather report, or adjust room temp from the comfort of your bed. We'll make sure your Wi-Fi is up to the challenge.

Smart refrigerators

Appliances are getting smarter.

Make sure you have strong enough Wi-Fi to take advantage of your new smart appliances. Guests coming over unexpectedly and you're still at work? Remotely check out what food you have in the smart fridge, and run the smart vacuum cleaner in the living room. You can also monitor laundry loads and oven times, and even diagnose problems with your smart appliances.

Geek Squad Agents

We'll help secure your network.

Technology is getting more complex, and that means security is more important than ever. With Home Wi-Fi Setup, we can:

  • Recommend ways to optimize the security of all devices on your network
  • Create a unique network name and Wi-Fi passwords
  • Customize advanced settings, like parental controls

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Save time, save money, and make the most of your tech with our help.

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Geek Squad Agents

Upgrade your old router.

To get the most out of your internet, you may need a new router. Your Home Wi-Fi Setup Agent will have them for purchase, or you can shop online now.

Geek Squad Agents

Test your internet speed.

Get a snapshot of how the internet is performing in your home, including download and upload speeds.

Geek Squad Agents

Wi-Fi info and support.

Have questions about Home Wi-Fi Setup? Need technical help with your Wi-Fi?


When choosing Best Buy, your product will be delivered, installed or repaired by either Geek Squad or one of our authorized service partners. We require our service partners to conduct a background check on any person they hire to enter your home.

Hardware support is excluded. Additional exclusions apply. Broadband or high-speed internet connection required. No refund if canceled after 30 days of purchase. Subject to full terms and conditions.