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Buying a Computer Desk

Picking the Best Computer Desk for You

If you need a desk for your computer, you could choose to adapt a writing desk or a conventional table that fits your space. But a few minutes of browsing Best Buy’s selection of computer desks could convince you of the advantages of getting a piece of furniture expressly created for the purpose. The best computer desk not only offers a design focused on comfort and ergonomics, but it also provides a variety of features that specifically accommodate your computer use: extra space for the monitor and tower; holes for cords, wires and peripherals; a drawer or pull-out surface for your keyboard or even space for a keyboard tray; storage cabinets or shelves. Other considerations that can help customize the desk to your needs include height, legroom, surface space, shape, materials, color, and scratch and water resistance.

For many, a good starting place is to envision how you will arrange your home office or computer room. Then you can narrow down your desk choices by focusing on the best shape to fit the area. You may find that a space-saving corner computer desk is your top choice, while many prefer an L-shaped computer desk because of the extra surface work space it provides. You might also prefer a computer table, with similar design features facilitating computer use, that can easily hold multiple monitors or computers. Another consideration is construction materials. Do you want a computer desk crafted from traditional wood, known for its strength, versatility and affordability, or from a veneer or laminate that tends to be lighter weight? Would you prefer scratch- and damage-resistant metal construction, strong, heavy and durable? Or, are you looking for a more elegant look, like a glass computer desk with a bold, modern style?

Setting Up Your Computer Desk Work Space

When you’re visualizing your work area setup, you’ll want to think ahead and consider elements besides the desk itself, like lighting for instance. Does your space have plenty of natural light from windows or skylights, or is there sufficient overhead lighting? If not, you’ll want to be sure you get a desk that can accommodate a desk lamp to properly illuminate your work area. You may also find it advantageous to determine the best locations for other devices you know you’ll be using, like an all-in-one printer to take care of your printing, faxing and scanning needs. And you might also want space for a paper shredder, if you’re working with private, confidential or otherwise sensitive documents. Do you want these devices to sit adjacent to, underneath or on your computer desk?

Another important, sometimes overlooked consideration is your office chair, which should be more than an afterthought with regard to fit, features and comfort. You want to select a chair that not only fits your desk — sliding beneath it when you’re not sitting in it — but one that provides you with all-day comfort. Long hours spent in a chair that doesn’t suit you can lead to back pain and other ill effects that are better avoided.