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the best of LG.

LG's cutting edge designs inspire homeowners to upgrade to the kitchen of their dreams, improve their laundry experience, save time and become more efficient with top-performing products. From LG InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators to LG TWINWash washers, the latest in innovations are all right here.

LG refrigerators:
featured design.

LG InstaView door-in-door with Craft Ice

Become the ultimate home entertainer. Dual ice makers automatically create crushed and cubed ice — as well as Craft Ice, LG's exclusive slow-melting round ice, perfect for making upscale craft drinks at home. Plus, a tinted glass panel lets you see inside without letting the cold air out.

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LG washers
and dryers:

LG TurboWash 360.

Five powerful water jets surround clothes from multiple angles, allowing detergent to penetrate deep into fabrics and power through larger loads in less time. You'll get peace of mind when you use the Allergiene cycle that uses the gentle power of steam to reduce common household allergens in baby clothes, bedding and more.

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Washer and dryer

LG ranges and ovens:
featured performance.

LG ProBake Convection.

Tired of being burned by inconsistent baking results? Not anymore — LG ProBake Convection technology delivers even baking results on every rack, every time. Like professional-style ranges, the heating element has been moved from the bottom of the oven to the back wall for optimal heat distribution. You enjoy consistent browning on top and bottom, and every cookie that's baked to perfection. Plus, the electric oven roasts 20% faster than LG conventional ovens.

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LG dishwashers:
featured innovation.

LG TrueSteam technology.

See virtually no spots. TrueSteam technology offers maximum steam coverage for 60% fewer water spots and the most sparkling clean dishes.

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LG SmartThinQ technology.

Think of the possibilities.

Gone are the days of wondering if the kids left the refrigerator door open, or constantly checking on laundry. With new ways to control your home, a future-ready open platform and the most extensive range of Wi-Fi–enabled appliances available today, LG appliances with SmartThinQ technology will change the way you think and the way you live. Think again.

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LG microwaves:
featured choices.


LG NeoChef

Beautiful inside and out, with precise, even heating, these microwaves feature the LG Smart Inverter for precise, variable power that provides more even cooking and better defrosting.

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ExtendaVent 2.0

Where most over-the-range microwaves only cover the rear of the cooktop, ExtendaVent™ 2.0 provides powerful ventilation over virtually the entire cooktop, back to front, to reduce smoke and lingering cooking smells.

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LG Styler.

Get ready to work, play, and everything in between.

With just the touch of a button, the LG Styler gets your outfits fresh and ready to go when you are. Using the gentle power of steam, the Styler reduces wrinkles, reduces odors, and helps sanitize any garment in minutes. The elegant, efficient design makes it a perfect fit for any area in your home.

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