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LG Appliances

Get the best of LG.

LG knows that it’s not just about the appliances; it’s about the experience. A new refrigerator can help you see your kitchen in a new light, while a better washer and dryer combo can make laundry less of a chore. Efficiency, performance and experience all matter. From LG InstaView refrigerators to ranges with built-in Air Sous Vide capabilities to the LG WashTower, LG leads with innovation that makes life good.

LG refrigerators: featured design.

LG InstaView door-in-door refrigerator with Craft Ice.

These refrigerators will help you become the ultimate home entertainer. Dual ice makers automatically create crushed and cubed ice, as well as LG’s exclusive slow-melting round ice for upscale, craft drinks at home without the work. Plus, a tinted glass panel lets you see inside the refrigerator without letting the cold air out.

LG ranges and ovens: featured performance.

LG InstaView with Air Fry.

Taking a page from LG’s wildly popular InstaView refrigerator, this range lets you check cooking progress without opening the door or reaching over a hot cooktop to flip a switch. Just knock twice on the window to turn on the oven light. Air Fry delivers crispy flavor fast with no preheating and makes enough to feed a crowd — no need to buy yet another gadget that takes up counter space. From zucchini fries to hot wings, the food you make with this all-in-one range knows no limits.

LG washers and dryers: featured innovation.

LG WashTower with Center Control.

LG’s vertical laundry solution puts easy access, built-in intelligence and advanced cleaning within reach. You get full-size capacity and all the features in half the floor space, with a centralized control panel for the easiest access ever.

LG dishwashers: featured innovation.

LG TrueSteam technology.

See virtually no spots. TrueSteam technology offers maximum steam coverage for 60% fewer water spots* and the most sparkling clean dishes.
*Percent in water spot reduction compared to comparable LG non-steam dishwasher on delicate wash cycle. Results may vary by model. Results based on testing with LG LDF7774ST as of February 2018.

LG ThinQ Care.

Life’s better when your home runs smarter.

Discover ThinQ Care within the ThinQ app — proactive smart alerts to keep your appliances running smoothly. Get notifications about usage and maintenance, plus early diagnosis right on your smartphone. Examples of smart alerts: when your refrigerator door is open, your dishwasher is low on rinse aid, your dryer has a monthly report of cycles and when your washer needs a tub clean. Available on select LG smart appliances.

LG vacuums: featured innovation.

LG CordZero All-In-One Auto-Empty cordless stick vacuum.

Meet the first stick vacuum that charges, stores tools, and automatically empties the dust bin — all in one sleek docking station. After you’re done, simply return the vacuum to the tower and let Auto Empty clean out the dust and debris. Your hands stay clean along with your floors. Plus, you get long-lasting cleaning performance with powerful suction, interchangeable dual batteries, a universal power nozzle and a Power Mop attachment that gives hard floors a perfect finish without messy buckets or harmful chemicals.

LG air purifiers: featured innovation.

LG PuriCare AeroTower air purifying fan.

Keeping your home healthy begins with the air you breathe. The LG AeroTower has an exceptional True HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of fine dust and allergens* to deliver purer, cleaner air. Plus, LG’s exclusive UVnano LED Technology kills 99.9% of bacteria on fan blades** for added protection. And for rooms large and small, it provides purified air wherever you need it, with multiple airflow options and coverage for large rooms up to 818 sq. ft.
 *Based on independent third-party testing November, 2021.
**Based on third-party testing, showing a reduction in bacteria on the fan blades after a 1-hour period of operation. Results may vary based on actual conditions of use and environmental conditions. UVnano is a compound word derived from the words UV and its unit nanometer.

LG Styler.

Get ready to work, play and everything in between.

Use the LG Styler to refresh everything from denim to dress shirts to the crease in your dress pants. And refreshing your look isn’t the only thing it can do. The gentle power of steam also helps remove bacteria and allergens from all kinds of items — including your little one’s favorite stuffed animal — without harsh chemicals or soaps.

Best Buy store locator.

Shop all the LG products you need for home or on the go. Plus, find the largest selection of LG appliances under one roof.