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  1. LEGO - Ideas International Space Station 21321 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6301660
    SKU: 6413207
    Your price for this item is $69.99
  2. Star Wars - Sith Lord Darth Vader 8-inch Cable Guy Phone and Controller Holder - Front_Zoom
    Darth Vader / Star Wars
    Model: CGCRSW300010
    SKU: 6402611
    Release Date: 03/22/2020
    Your price for this item is $21.99
    Save $3
    The previous price was $24.99
  3. Sphero - BOLT - Front_Zoom
    Model: K002ROW
    SKU: 6261463
    Your price for this item is $149.99
  4. LEGO - Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Building Set 10696 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6102212
    SKU: 6252643
    Your price for this item is $26.99
    Save $8
    The previous price was $34.99
  5. Nerf - Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster - Styles May Vary - Front_Zoom
    Model: E6192
    SKU: 6359495
    Your price for this item is $9.99
  6. Hasbro Marvel X-Men Series Marvel’s Hawkeye and Marvel’s Logan - Front_Zoom
    Model: E9296
    SKU: 6421085
    Your price for this item is $49.99
  7. Marvel - Legends Series Captain America Classic Shield - Multi - Front_Zoom
    Model: E8667
    SKU: 6361142
    Your price for this item is $99.99
  8. Snap Circuits - Junior 100 Experiments - Multi - Front_Standard
    Model: SC-100
    SKU: 5859541
    Release Date: 06/12/2012
    Your price for this item is $20.99
  9. LEGO - Creator Expert Old Trafford - Manchester United 10272 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6294061
    SKU: 6425433
    Your price for this item is $299.99
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  11. LEGO - Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6213412
    SKU: 6425429
    Your price for this item is $379.99
  12. LEGO - Jurassic World Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage 75936 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6250531
    SKU: 6425425
    Your price for this item is $249.99
  13. LEGO - Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6250895
    SKU: 6425434
    Your price for this item is $99.99
  14. LEGO - Ideas Central Perk 21319 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6283895
    SKU: 6361273
    Your price for this item is $51.99
    Save $8
    The previous price was $59.99
  15. Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Helmet - Front_Zoom
    Model: E8163
    SKU: 6420986
    Your price for this item is $79.99
  16. LEGO - ART Marvel Studios Iron Man 31199 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6294859
    SKU: 6419450
    Release Date: 10/01/2020
    Your price for this item is $119.99
  17. Nerf - Rival Roundhouse XX-1500 Blaster - Front_Zoom
    Model: E6638
    SKU: 6394709
    Your price for this item is $24.99
  18. LEGO - Creator Expert NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6250890
    SKU: 6425437
    Your price for this item is $99.99
  19. Funko - POP! Games: Fortnite - Tower Recon Specialist - Multi - Front_Zoom
    Model: 34463
    SKU: 6290432
    Release Date: 12/07/2018
    Your price for this item is $4.99
    Save $5
    The regular price is $9.99
  20. Star Wars - The Black Series Darth Revan Force FX Elite Lightsaber - Multi - Front_Zoom
    Model: E8940
    SKU: 6401649
    Your price for this item is $249.99
  21. LEGO - Star Wars Yoda 75255 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6251762
    SKU: 6352048
    Your price for this item is $99.99
  22. McFarlane Toys - DC Multiverse Wonder Woman Gold Armor: Wonder Woman 1984 - Multi - Front_Zoom
    Model: 15123-7
    SKU: 6400854
    Release Date: 05/03/2020
    Your price for this item is $19.99
  23. Nerf - Round Refill (40-Pack) - Multi - Front_Zoom
    Model: B3483
    SKU: 5763305
    Your price for this item is $8.99
    Save $11
    The regular price is $19.99
  24. LEGO - Technic Lamborghini Sin FKP 37 42115 - Front_Zoom
    Model: 6288790
    SKU: 6419432
    Your price for this item is $379.99
  25. Mattel - Barbie Fashionistas Doll - Styles May Vary - Front_Zoom
    Model: FBR37
    SKU: 5934923
    Your price for this item is $9.99

Buying toys for a teen.

Cool digital toys teens want.

Teenage tastes change quickly. What is popular one week may not be popular next week. Many teens believe they are too old for toys. In short, buying cool toys for teens can be a challenge. With that said, kids may develop an affinity for digital gadgets as they reach their teenage years, or even earlier.

If your teenager shows interest in electronic gadgets, a smartwatch is a good choice. These devices help teens stay connected during activities, while also serving as a fitness tracker. A laptop could be a wise selection for internet-savvy teens. This device can not only help with school projects, but can also play movies, games, podcasts and music as well.

Catch the beat with tech toys for 13-year-olds.

Finding toys for 13-year-old boys and girls isn't easy. One area you might focus on is music-related items. The early teen years is when many people begin developing their musical tastes. It's probably true that your teens are drawn to different styles of music than you, but that’s OK. Earbuds are a great way to allow private listening with all devices. For teens who want to share music with friends, a smart speaker can be a great tech gift. Best Buy has many smart speakers available in compact, stylish packages. Smart speakers make great gifts for 13-year-olds, as these devices have many uses. Young people love to ask these devices questions, and can use them for playing games, getting help with homework, and more.

The best toys for 12-year-old boys and girls.

In the toys for 12-year-olds category, especially toys for 12-year-old boys, action figures are often prized, as are remote control cars and trucks. New toys from favorite movies and TV shows are very often popular among tweens. If your tween is a gamer, gaming accessories like a new custom gaming controller, a new video game, or even a new PlayStation VR (recommended for ages 12 and up, PS4 console sold separately) can be a fantastic gift. STEM toys are also a fine choice. In addition to helping teens and tweens develop skills in science, technology, engineering and math, these toys are engaging and enjoyable. Wherever your buying journey takes you, know that Best Buy has a fantastic selection of toys and electronics for teens and older children.

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