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Welcome to your new smart home.

Enjoy the convenience that smart tech provides. We'll help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi, answer your door from anywhere, and control lighting and temperature with your phone or voice.

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We’ll install your smart home device for only $49.99.

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Are you buying a smart home product
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To ensure that your Geek Squad Agent delivers your device, please follow these steps:
step 1

Add your smart home device to your cart and click "Checkout."

step 2

On the "When do you want your order?" screen, select your setup service.

step 3

A Geek Squad Agent will deliver your smart home device and set it up.

Note: If you want to purchase setup service without a product or you don't see the service offered during checkout, you can add it directly to your cart below.

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Why choose Best Buy for your smart home service?

  • We can help, no matter where you bought it.
  • You'll find Geek Squad in every Best Buy store, with thousands of Agents across the country ready to help.
  • We offer a 90-day workmanship warranty on all smart home services.
  • Save big on smart home services with a Total Tech Support membership.

Strong Wi-Fi is the key to a smart home.

Is your Wi-Fi too slow for your devices? We can troubleshoot your network and set you up for wireless success.

Shop Home Wi-Fi Setup or Troubleshooting

Give your smart home a tune-up.

We'll show you how to use your smart devices and make sure they're working together seamlessly. We'll also analyze your Wi-Fi and show you what's possible with your smart home.

Shop Smart Home Tune-Up

Smart Security Services

Wireless Camera Installation

Using mounts you provide, we'll place your cameras on wall or ceiling locations, and connect them to your existing wireless network.

Advantages over wired cameras:

  • Easier to install and move to other locations.
  • No cords to hide, and no electrical supply needed.
  • Place cameras wherever you have Wi-Fi coverage in your home.
Shop Wireless Camera Installation

Smart Doorbell Installation

Enjoy convenience and increased security, as you'll be able to see and talk to front door visitors using your smartphone. We'll install your new doorbell and connect it to your existing wireless network.

Shop Smart Doorbell Installation

Wired Camera Installation

We'll install your cameras and DVR, conceal your wires, and connect to your existing network.

Advantages over wireless cameras:

  • No concerns about spotty Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Cameras can be placed outside of Wi-Fi range.
  • Data isn't affected by weather or smartphone/radio signals.

Shop Wired Camera Installation

Smart Door Lock Installation

Lock and unlock your door using your smartphone, and send digital keys to family and friends. We'll install your new smart lock and connect it to your existing wireless network.

Shop Smart Door Lock Installation

Smart Home Services

Smart Thermostat Installation

Adjust the temperature in your home using your smartphone, from just about anywhere. Handy apps let you program your settings with ease. We'll install your new thermostat and connect it to your existing wireless network.

Shop Smart Thermostat Installation

Voice Control Setup

Having a voice assistant gives you even more flexibility, as you can control smart devices using simple voice commands. We'll set up your voice assistant, connect it to your wireless network, and teach you how to control other smart devices.

Shop Voice Control Setup

Smart Lighting Setup

Control your lights using your smartphone or voice assistant. Choose smart lights with color and set the mood for parties and movie watching. We'll install your lights and connect them to your existing wireless network.

Shop Smart Lighting Setup

Learn about smart home products

Smart lighting

Get smart protection with a Product Replacement Plan.

This plan is for smaller products like many of your smart home devices. If they stop working, just bring them in for a replacement.

Learn about our Product Replacement Plan
Smart lighting

Shop products that bring your smart home to life.

Build a new world of convenience with voice assistants, smart lighting, security cameras and so much more.

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