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Batteries & Power

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Rechargeable up to 1,000 times or more, these batteries and chargers come in a variety of sizes to meet common household battery needs.

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Buying batteries and backup power.

Finding the right battery for your device.

There are lots of common household electronics that call for battery replacement, but did you know that you can also replace batteries in devices like smartphones and laptops to give them new life?

Over time, cell phones start to run through battery power more quickly because the materials that support energy generation become less effective as they age. Fortunately, you can replace your cell phone battery without getting a new phone. Depending on your phone model, you can have a professional install the new battery or do it yourself.

The same goes for laptop batteries. You can replace the battery in your computer to see extended battery power. A few laptop models even allow you to swap out a drained laptop battery for a charged one as needed in the field.

For other common battery-operated gadgets that use AA, AAA, 9V or other battery types, consider using rechargeable batteries. You’ll be saving money and protecting the environment!

Backup power for when you need it most.

Whether you've had a cell phone run out of power at an inconvenient time or had a camera battery die just when you arranged the perfect image, you know how useful it is to have a backup battery charger on hand.

You can prepare for these moments by choosing a power pack to keep on hand. You can also keep a larger battery backup in the trunk of your car. Or you can have a vehicle power inverter on hand for use while driving. Note: if you’re running equipment off an inverter, make sure you know what you’re doing as you can damage your car’s battery through misuse.

For extended outdoor adventures, you should consider harnessing the energy from the sun and investing in solar power kits. This is not only earth-friendly; it’s also very convenient.

If you’re concerned about power grid issues, consider a computer battery backup that has the ability to protect your equipment and keep it powered on through unexpected outages. You might also invest in a surge protector to keep energy surges in the electrical grid from damaging your electronics.