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Buying a pair of headphones.

Finding the best headphones for you.

Wondering what features to look for when buying headphones? Personal preference and the way you plan to use your headphones or earphones are some of the biggest factors to consider when choosing the best headphones or earbuds for you.

There are many uses for headphones, both in business and personal life. For example, over-ear headphones are essential when using recording equipment to lay down music or other audio tracks. For many vacationers and business travelers, Bluetooth headphones are among the top travel tech items you can invest in. Music selection on long road trips becomes so much easier when passengers each have their own pair of headphones to connect to a personal smartphone or MP3 player.

If you do spend a lot of time in the road, headphones with a built-in microphone can help you keep both hands on the wheel. And if you enjoy exercising and working up a sweat, water-resistant headphones can quickly become an essential part of your gym routine.

Headphones vs. ear buds: which is better?

Earbuds are a great portable option for enjoying audio on the go. Choosing the right pair of wireless earbuds makes it easy to listen to your favorite podcast or playlist while walking, running or traveling.

Over-ear headphones and on-ear headphones, however, can offer greater long-term comfort for those who do not enjoy having a device in their ear. High-end headphones can also usually outshine high-end in-ear headphones in terms of sound quality and accuracy. Even though the quality gap is quickly shrinking, there is a reason that the recording industry standard choice is still premium over-ear headphones. For the more casual user, both options offer stellar sound and include noise-cancelling technology.

For kids, over-ear headphones are the better choice because they are not as easily lost as tiny earbuds are. For fun and comfort, headphones for kids come in colorful designs, and they are sized down for a better fit. Some kids’ headphones also feature volume-limiting circuitry to protect young ears.