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  1. Shure - MVI-DIG Portable Digital Audio USB Interface - Front_Zoom
    Model: SHU MVIDIG
    SKU: 6439015
    Your price for this item is $99.99
  2. Sony - UX Series Digital Voice Recorder - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: ICDUX570BLK
    SKU: 6396007
    Your price for this item is $75.99
    Save $24
    The previous price was $99.99
  3. RØDE - RODECaster Pro - Black - Front_Zoom
    SKU: 6351082
    Your price for this item is $599.99
  4. Zoom - Handy Recorder - Front_Zoom
    Model: H1N
    SKU: 6189602
    Your price for this item is $119.99
  5. Zoom - H4N PRO Handy Recorder - All Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: H4NPROAB
    SKU: 6371578
    Your price for this item is $229.99
  6. PylePro - Suspension Boom Scissor Microphone Stand with Shock Mount Holder - Front_Zoom
    Model: PMKSH01
    SKU: 5176009
    Your price for this item is $20.99
  7. Zoom - H5 Handy Recorder - Front_Standard
    Model: H5
    SKU: 6750779
    Your price for this item is $279.99
  8. Focusrite - Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen - Black/Red - Front_Standard
    SKU: 6365340
    Your price for this item is $119.99
  9. Zoom - PodTrak P4 Podcast Recorder - Front_Zoom
    Model: P4
    SKU: 6421475
    Your price for this item is $199.99
  10. AirTurn - Manos Universal Tablet Mount for Most Tablets Up to 13.3" - Black - Front_Standard
    Model: MMANOSSMC
    SKU: 8650253
    Your price for this item is $59.99
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  12. PreSonus - AudioBox USB 96 (25th Anniversary Edition) - Front_Zoom
    Model: AUDBOX9625
    SKU: 6427980
    Your price for this item is $99.99
  13. Zoom - H6 Handy Recorder with X/Y Mic Capsule - Front_Zoom
    Model: H6AB
    SKU: 6401732
    Your price for this item is $329.99
  14. IK Multimedia - iRig 2 Audio Interface - Black - Front_Standard
    SKU: 8650139
    Your price for this item is $39.99
  15. Focusrite - Scarlett 2i2 Studio 3rd Gen - Black/Red - Front_Standard
    Model: AMS-SCARLETT-2i2-STU-3G
    SKU: 6365345
    Your price for this item is $279.99
  16. PylePro - Suspension Boom Scissor Microphone Stand with Pro Shock Mount Holder - Front_Standard
    Model: PMKSH04
    SKU: 5175622
    Your price for this item is $34.99
  17. Zoom - LiveTrak L-8 Podcast Digital Mixer/Recorder - Front_Zoom
    Model: L-8
    SKU: 6388610
    Your price for this item is $399.99
  18. Philips - VoiceTracer Audio Recorder - Silver/Chrome - Front_Zoom
    Model: DVT4110
    SKU: 6368538
    Your price for this item is $129.99
  19. IK Multimedia - USB Audio Interface - Black - Front_Zoom
    SKU: 6408752
    Your price for this item is $99.99
  20. Philips - VoiceTracer Audio Recorder - Black/Chrome - Front_Zoom
    Model: DVT2110
    SKU: 6368535
    Your price for this item is $84.99
    Save $15
    The previous price was $99.99
  21. PreSonus - AudioBox Studio Ultimate (25th Anniversary Edition) - Front_Zoom
    Model: ABOX96UL25
    SKU: 6427977
    Your price for this item is $319.99
  22. Roland - Streaming Studio for iOS and select Android Devices - WHITE - Front_Zoom
    Model: GO:LIVECAST
    SKU: 6424495
    Your price for this item is $249.99
  23. PreSonus - R65 Active Studio Monitor - Front_Zoom
    Model: PRESONUS R65
    SKU: 4859631
    Your price for this item is $329.99
  24. gemini GEM-08USB: COMPACT 8 Channel Bluetooth Mixer - Black, Blue - Black, Blue - Front_Zoom
    Model: GEM-08USB
    SKU: 6453886
    Your price for this item is $149.99
  25. Warm Audio - 2-Channel VCA Bus Compressor - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: BUS-COMP
    SKU: 6396401
    Your price for this item is $699.00
  26. Philips - LFH9173 Clip-on microphone - Front_Zoom
    Model: LFH9173
    SKU: 3922156
    Your price for this item is $24.99

Creating a home recording studio.

Setting up your music production equipment and studio.

The first steps to building a home recording studio involve identifying the types of recordings you want to make and the type of dedicated space you have available to accommodate your home studio equipment. Outfitting that space comes next. Music recording equipment is not only more sophisticated than it once was — it is also less expensive. As a result, buying the recording studio equipment you want is no longer the budget-busting effort it was in the past. This is especially the case if you already have a newer computer with enough power to serve as your recording hub. Even so, getting the best studio gear for your needs can be daunting, due primarily to the seemingly endless selection of available studio equipment. So, how do you go about choosing the home recording studio equipment you need?

Selecting music studio equipment.

Let's look at your computer first. Your selection will depend on your budget, your portability requirements, and the processing speed you'll need to produce the types of recordings you want. You want a computer with enough power to handle the demands of recording and mixing multiple tracks, along with enough RAM to handle the sorts of recordings you'll be creating. Ideally this computer would be solely dedicated to your recordings, without gaming or other software that could take up memory space and reduce stability.

You will also need an audio interface. Simply put, an audio interface is a way to turn your analog or acoustic sounds into digital music on your computer. It also sends the sound out to either high-quality studio headphones or studio monitors so you can hear the various components accurately while you're mixing them together. A bad mix can sound fine on one system, but horrible on another.

Microphones, MIDI and more.

Next, if your recording consists of singing or playing musical instruments, you'll need to choose a type of microphone. A dynamic microphone is best for drums and electric guitar, while a condenser microphone is better suited for acoustic guitar and piano. Depending on your needs, you may want both.

A MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) will facilitate transmitting your music and vocals to your computer so you can graphically edit your recordings. You may find a digital audio workstation to be a better solution. You may also want other music editing software to help you cut, copy and paste, compose, and edit parts of your recording before you add or reduce amplification and/or echo and more. Other accessories, such as cables and stands, will be a must as well. Additionally, you may want to consider other music studio equipment, like subwoofers if low-end is an important component to your creations, or diffusers if a more sophisticated acoustic treatment is required.

Other studio equipment considerations.

A comfortable studio space can create a relaxed atmosphere and enhance performance. That means you will need to make decisions about your furniture and ambience. Additionally, you'll want to examine the acoustics of the area. You may find that acoustic tiles are necessary to create the best sound. For many, video is an integral part of their music production equipment. For that, offers a wide selection of camcorder and camera options.

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