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Endless innovation. Clean results.

From upright vacuums to ION robots, Shark designs every cleaning innovation to make your life better.

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Advanced performance at every angle.

Person cleaning stairs, while robot cleans the floor

Shark robot vacuums.

Shark performance with the automatic cleaning convenience of a robot vacuum.

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Shark cordless vacuums.

Shark's lightweight, ultra-versatile cordless vacuums combine portability and performance.

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Person vacuuming carpet.

Shark upright vacuums.

With outstanding suction power and pet hair pickup, Shark's upright vacuums deliver peak performance.

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Shark corded stick vacuums.

Power meets maneuverability. Shark's ultra-lightweight stick vacuums can take your cleaning to new levels.

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Explore Shark's innovations.

duo clean

Two brushrolls, one power head.

Shark DuoClean technology, invented for fine dust and large debris on carpets and hard floors.

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Zero-M Cleaner Head

Actively removes hair wrap from your brushroll so you don't have to.

The integrated comb and bristle guards work together to separate long hair, short hair, and pet hair from the brushroll.

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Know the Shark exclusives.

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Powered Lift-Away.

Detach the canister and transform your vacuum into a lightweight, stick vacuum. Remove the wand and go above the floor with hand-vacuum precision.
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal.

A HEPA filter plus a sealed system keeps dust and allergens inside the vacuum and out of the air you breathe.
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The ION series.

Shark's ION-powered vacuums combine powerful, versatile cleaning with cord-free convenience.

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Shark DuoClean Technology

Shark Apex Powered Lift-Away

Shark ION Robot

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Robot vacuum Cord-Free MultiFlex APEX DuoClean with Zero-M Cord-Free powered Lift-Away Navigator Lift-Away Zero-M Spread
Features and innovations ION Powered Robot & Built-In Hand Vacuum DuoClean ION Powered MultiFLEX DuoClean, Zero-M, Powered Lift-Away, HEPA filter, noise reduction, Active-Glide DuoClean, Powered Lift-Away, HEPA filter, ION powered Zero-M, Lift-Away, HEPA filter
Battery life 60 mins. 80 mins. 50 mins.
Cord length 30 ft. 25 ft.
Weight 9.83 lbs. 8.7 lbs. 16 lbs. 12.03 lbs. 13.4 lbs.
Dust cup capacity 0.66 qt. 0.3 qt. 1.5 qt. 0.54 qt. 2.2 qt.
Wattage 35W 300W 1,350W 260W 800W
Warranty 1-year 7-year 5-year 5-year 5-year