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Professional car electronics installation.

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Receiver, speakers

Audio Deals

Ultimate sound and savings.

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DVD players, car speakers

Keep the entire crew happy with the latest in-car entertainment, from car audio and satellite radio to car video and gaming.

Car adapter, vehicle monitoring device, remote start, Bluetooth hands-free kit

Start smart with a smartphone remote start app. Drive safer with Bluetooth hands-free calling and music streaming. Plus, stay connected with in-car Wi-Fi and vehicle diagnostics.

Backup camera, dash camera, GPS, remote start

Car safety and convenience

The latest tech for starting your car, getting directions, improving driving habits, keeping you safer, and providing engine diagnostics.

Satellite radios

Satellite radio

Enjoy the variety of talk radio, news, sports, comedy and commercial-free music available on satellite radio.

Remote start modules

Car security and remote start

Arm your car with an alarm, and start it remotely, warming it up in the winter and cooling it down in the summertime.

Marine stereo receiver and speakers, powersports

Marine and powersports

Stereo components, radios and GPS that are designed to handle the harsh effects of the elements, such as sun, surf and salt.

Radar detectors

Radar detectors

Radar and laser detectors keep you informed of speed limits, your speed, and police and emergency vehicles.

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Shop the latest in garage tech and equipment and introduce modern connectivity, eco-friendly devices and superior organization to your garage.

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Selecting Car Electronics & GPS

Car Electronics: Safety, Convenience & Entertainment

The extensive assortment of car electronics at Best Buy offers you safety, entertainment and convenience for your vehicle. You can find automotive electronics to satisfy all your security needs, including in-dash and backup cameras, active security systems, remote start options, entry without keys, diagnostics monitoring, alcohol analyzers, radar detection devices, even garage door openers that let you access your garage with your smartphone. Many remote start systems offer automatic starting within a defined distance of your car, while others have additional customizable settings for defrosting your windshield or activating heated seats, along with security alarms that sound during a potential break-in or collision.

The Best Car Electronics for Family Road Trips

To keep your passengers engaged and entertained, you may want to check out car audio options, including AM/FM radios, satellite, and upgraded tech and auto electrics that add cutting-edge audio to your ride. You can sync your smartphone with your favorite music source via Bluetooth, stream content, or play music, audio books, podcasts and more from your portable device.

Consider tech for road trips that will keep your passengers occupied and happy during long road miles, including adding a new DVD system. An installed system may include headrest DVD systems, overhead DVD systems and in-dash systems. In-dash models may make it difficult for children to view from the back seat, so you might want to install a DVD player in each headrest. No matter what you decide, make sure you invest in kids' headphones — they will help you tolerate even a dozen viewings of the same movie. Make sure you have all the car chargers you need to keep your kids' devices powered for the long haul.

Car Electronics Accessories: GPS Navigation

Car electronics accessories like GPS provide a reliable way to avoid getting lost when you're driving in a new city or headed off to an unfamiliar destination. Many models alert you to real-time traffic situations that may impact your commute, as well as identify locations of nearby restaurants, hotels, gas stations and more. Portable GPS receivers can be mounted on your dashboard for safe, hands-free and convenient viewing of directions. Some car stereo receivers provide a built-in GPS that you access from your dashboard and keep your view unobstructed.

In addition to car electronics, Best Buy offers a wide selection of marine, ATV off-road and motorcycle electronics that are built to withstand the elements, including GPS, stereo receivers, speakers, radios and more. Best Buy and Geek Squad also offer marine, ATV and motorcycle installation services.