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Wi-Fi & Networking

$200 service credit with Starlink Standard Kit and new service.

Buy the kit and receive a $200 credit from Starlink after activating new Residential Standard service in an eligible state.
Terms and conditions apply.
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Creating Wi-Fi and networking solutions.

Choosing the right devices for your network.

A big part of successful network management is based on the quality of your network devices. And it all starts with the modem. The modem is what brings the internet into your home. There are a few types of modems. The original dial-up modem used telephone lines to access the internet. This is still used by DSL and broadband technology. Meanwhile, a cable modem uses television cable lines to access the internet while fiber optic technology uses lines that transmit signals via light.

Within your home, routers create a Wi-Fi network when attached to the modem. The router can connect to your modem via an ethernet cable. You can also use ethernet cables to attach other devices, like a television or computer, directly to your modem. If you’ve ever wondered what mesh Wi-Fi is and if you need it, you might want to consider getting mesh Wi-Fi or a plug-in Wi-Fi extender if you have a larger property or home.

You can buy these items separately if you want particular specs or bundle products in a package, like a mesh Wi-Fi router and modem package.

Getting the most out of your Wi-Fi network.

Choosing the best networking solutions for you will allow you to make the most of your Wi-Fi connections. You can get helpful tips and information from Best Buy’s home Wi-Fi networking tips and tricks. For example, if you have high security needs, choose a modem and router with data encryption capabilities. Or, perhaps there are video game enthusiasts in the house and you could benefit from a gaming Wi-Fi router.

Once you have the best home Wi-Fi networking devices for you, you can use Best Buy’s home Wi-Fi services to get everything running smoothly and set up properly for easy network management.

Then, consider making the most of your Wi-Fi connections by investing in connected devices that make your life easier. A streaming media player or smart TV will open up entertainment possibilities for you and the family. A smart thermostat keeps you comfortable while also saving energy and money on heating and cooling. And smart lighting brings you both convenience and increased home security since you will be able to turn lights on and off even when you’re not home!