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Recycle and save.

In store only.

Get 15% off a new modem, router or modem/router combo and Geek Squad® Home Wi-Fi Setup service when you bring in any of these devices for recycling. Simply take your old networking device to Customer Service in a Best Buy store, and you'll receive a coupon for 15% off the current price of a networking device or whole-home networking system, plus 15% off Geek Squad Home Wi-Fi Setup.
Routers and recycle
In store only. Customer upon recycling of a modem, router or gateway (modem/router combo) will receive a 15% off recycle coupon toward the purchase of modem, router or gateway and a 15% off toward In-Home Wi-Fi Setup SKU: 6929147. Coupon excludes Apple, Ruckus and Luxul products; and Samsung SKUs 5872506 and 5872200. Excludes online-only items. Only 1 coupon per purchase and can only be used once. Limit one coupon per household, per offer. Recycled modems, routers or gateways will not be returned under any circumstances. Not available in all locations and some stores may have additional limitations.