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Free $50 Best Buy gift card

when you buy an AT&T Prepaid phone and activate a new line of service on a minimum $35/mo. plan and pay for three months of service within 90 days of activation.

Terms and conditions apply.


Prepaid iPhone Offer

iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus
Save $20 or $50

on select prepaid iPhone models for Total Wireless with purchase of $35 prepaid phone card.

In-Store Offer

Save up to $40

on any cell phone for Verizon Prepaid when you activate the phone in store on a monthly plan.

In store only. Minimum savings is $20.

Prepaid iPhone Offer

iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus
Save $50

on select prepaid iPhone models for Simple Mobile with purchase of a prepaid phone card.


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Prepaid Phone Advantages

What Are Prepaid Phones?

With prepaid cell phones, also known as pay as you go phones or no-contract phones, you pay for a specific amount of data usage/minutes in advance. When you hit the limit you’ve paid for, your service ends until you choose to buy more. Plus, the prepaid option is often available with newer phone models, with newer features, from a wide range of manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and more.

Benefits of Using a Prepaid Phone

A prepaid phone eliminates the hassle of long-term contracts, activation fees, overage charges, costly fees for changing carrier and termination fees. It also gives you the freedom to change phones and carriers when you feel like it, while also helping control phone budgets. Often a prepaid phone makes a good cell phone for seniors who only use a mobile phone occasionally, or want to keep one around for emergencies.

What is the Best Prepaid Phone Option?

Of course, the answer to that question is that, since there are several good prepaid cell phone choices available, the best prepaid phone option depends on your preferences. Popular picks include Boost Mobile phones, AT&T GoPhone, Virgin Mobile phones, Cricket Wireless phones, Tracfone phones, Verizon Prepaid phones, HTC phones and more. For more information on prepaid phones, or on phones with plans, no-contract cell phones, unlocked phones, or cell phone carriers, take a look at our Cell Phone Buying Guide.