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Small Space Major Appliances


Choosing the ideal appliances for small kitchens and other rooms.  

Discover compact appliances designed to maximize your kitchen and laundry room's space, while offering the same powerful performance, advanced technology and modern style of their full-size counterparts.

Compact and powerful kitchen appliances.

Complete your small space with full-size features.

Small kitchen appliances are designed to create flexible and exceptional kitchens by combining impressive performance with tech-forward cooking, cooling and cleaning innovations, while giving the space a fashion-forward finish.

Small-space laundry appliances.

Add speed and style to almost any room.

Explore compact laundry solutions you can stack, install under a counter or tackle laundry day with one appliance. Capable of fitting almost anywhere, these space-savers won't make you compromise on speed, innovations and stylish designs.

Buying the best appliances for small spaces.

Choosing the ideal appliances for small kitchens and other rooms.  

Thinking about downsizing your home but worried you'll have to compromise on the feature-rich, high-functioning appliances that you’re used to? No need to fret because the latest models of compact appliances are just as efficient and stylish as their full-size counterparts, whether you’re moving into a smaller home or exploring options for your cabin or RV.

This includes apartment-size refrigerators for small spaces, which start with measurements of 31" inches wide, 36" inches deep and 51" inches high. An apartment-size washer and dryer would also work well in close quarters, as well as a built-in dishwasher and a portable countertop dishwasher.

You can also maximize countertop space with space-saving coffee makers. Recreational vehicle travel has increased and so have the number of options for appliances for RVs. With space-saving microwaves, pressure cookers and countertop ovens, you can still cook delicious meals for your family while camping – or glamping.

Other creative ways to save space. 

In addition to small-house appliances, there are other household items that have been optimized to save space. This includes flat-screen TVs with slim design, allowing you to do away with a TV stand because they can be hung on a wall with a TV mount.

Likewise, traditional speaker systems usually reside in a bulky entertainment console or on the floor. If you're looking to free up space, while also upgrading your stereo system to surround sound, consider wall or ceiling speakers. While you’re focused on maximizing space and minimizing clutter, consider digitizing your CD and DVD collections and store your media on an external hard drive. This format also comes in handy when you travel and want to bring your movies and music. If your home doesn't have a separate room that's a dedicated office, a good fit might be an all-in-one computer. It combines a monitor, processor, and hard drive to provide a minimal footprint, while all-in-one printers include a copier, scanner and fax machine in one device.

Whether you want help with mounting a TV to a wall or installing small-space appliances, our Geek Squad® experts are ready to ensure your home appliance installation and electronics are installed correctly the first time. Finding the best fit for your small space is as simple as visiting Best Buy online or a store near you.

Why compact appliances are perfect for smaller rooms.

If you're moving in to a smaller home, you can not only find tiny-house appliances to fit almost any space, but you can do so without giving up power and premium features. If you don't have a ton of space in your laundry room or maybe your laundry space is in a closet, consider a stackable washer and dryer. It'll add convenience by allowing you to move the laundry area into rooms such as a kitchen or bedroom.

Do you live in an area of the country where there’s a full range of seasonal weather? If you don’t envision frequently using air conditioning but want to stay cool when the temperature rises, consider a portable air conditioner for small rooms. Depending on your room setup, there are different styles, such as freestanding air conditioners, window units and in-wall models. For colder months, Best Buy carries a wide selection of space heaters, which efficiently provide winter warmth without taking up much room. To keep the air fresh in your tight quarters all year round, air purifiers clean the air and give you a healthier space to enjoy.