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Virtual Reality

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What is VR gaming?

Virtual reality (VR) gaming is a simulated, 3D video game experience accessed via a gaming computer or all-in-one headset device. These virtual environments and scenarios can be realistic or fantastical, depending on your interests. While some PC gaming programs offer a certain level of VR technology by projecting 3D images on a gaming monitor, standalone virtual reality systems are complete entertainment devices, thus no computer is required. Another benefit of VR systems is that there are no wires to get tangled up with. The VR headset, accessories and movement detectors are paired with each other via Bluetooth technology. However, you do have the option of connecting a VR cable to a compatible gaming laptop to access different games and stream content.

Get the most out of your virtual reality gaming.

For the best VR experience, you’ll want a reliable Wi-Fi network. Just like PC games, a strong wireless internet connection is key in preventing lag time and ensuring a consistent data feed so that not a moment of action is missed. This is also important because you want the haptic features and visuals to sync up within the experience. If your gaming room is in a different area than your router, consider upgrading to a mesh Wi-Fi system that delivers a strong signal no matter where you want to play. Because virtual reality video games are so much fun, you might want to connect with friends wirelessly and play together, which is another reason why fast data download speeds are crucial. Aside from the special goggles, gloves and sensors, some VR games call for additional equipment, like racquets, to enhance the simulation. Plus, you might want to adorn your real environment with smart lighting to help set the mood for your virtual reality adventures.