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TV & Home Theater Accessories

TV & Home Theater Accessories

You've found the perfect TV. You know just where you're going to put it. But to get the most from your new or existing TV, you'll need the right TV accessories and installation hardware. Luckily, Best Buy is here with everything for your TV, from HDMI cables and universal remotes to TV antennas, TV stands and TV mounts.

TV Styles & Features

When picking out HMDI cables, it might seem obvious, but make sure you get the right length. Measure carefully because small bends around furniture or objects can take up more length than you think, and you don't want to find yourself just a few inches short of connecting your gorgeous HDTV to your favorite media device.

TV Remote Control Options

One of the most important TV accessories — especially in this era of multitudes of devices in your home, each with its own unique remote — is the universal remote. You'll want to be sure to find one that works with all the brands and device types you want to control — there's no sense in buying a universal remote only to end up using other remotes as well.

Find the Best TV Antenna for Your Needs

When purchasing a TV antenna, you'll need to think about whether you're going to be mounting it indoors or outdoors. Next, depending on the signals in your area, you'll need to decide between a directional or multidirectional TV antenna. Finally, the relative strength of the signals you'll be receiving will determine whether you need an amplified TV antenna or a nonamplified TV antenna.

Choosing a TV Mount or Stand

Placing your TV is one of the biggest decisions you'll make with regard to TV accessories. Think about where you'll be putting it. Will it be on a wall? Then you'll want to look into our selection of TV mounts. Will you be setting it on a piece of furniture like a cabinet or buffet? Then the TV stands included with most TVs should work.