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Choosing the best vacuum cleaner for you.

Since you have a lot of options when buying a vacuum, it’s wise to consider which style will offer the most convenience to match your needs. If keeping your floor clean tires you out, make the task easier by choosing a lightweight handheld or stick vacuum that makes it simple to clean up messes quickly. Or enjoy a robot vacuum that does the work for you, even when you’re out of the house.

For excellent suction, check out canister vacuums that can be used on all flooring surfaces. Upright vacuum cleaners also provide great suction, especially upright vacuums designed to clean pet hair. And while upright vacuums can be heavier to hold and harder to navigate into tight spaces than canister vacuums, they can be very easy to store.

If you want to make your home allergy friendly, be sure to choose a HEPA vacuum. These trap 99.97% of harmful particles and allergens inside the machine instead of into the air you breathe. There are also wet and dry vacuums, often referred to as shop vacs, to tackle liquid spills. Before making your choice, you may want to compare the features of the top-rated vacuums and see how other customers reviewed them.

Choosing the best floor cleaning device for you.

Even the best vacuum might not meet all your needs, especially when it comes to flooring other than carpet. If you’re looking to clean, disinfect, sanitize and remove stains and grime, a steam mop will help you keep your ceramic, hardwood, vinyl and linoleum floors in tip-top shape. Keep in mind that because temperature and moisture affect each surface type differently, you’ll want to make sure that the model you choose is intended for the kind of flooring you’ll be cleaning.

If you’re considering an automated cleaner, you’ll be pleased to know that robot technology isn’t limited to just vacuums. You can also invest in a robot mop that you can program to start a cleaning cycle whenever you leave the house. When you come back home later, you’ll be welcomed by sparkling clean and dry floors.

For carpeted surfaces that have seen better days, try using a carpet cleaner before deciding to get something new. This floor cleaning device can revive your rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting by removing stains and odors while tufting up the pile at the same time. Sometimes, a good cleaning will make all the difference and will save you money in the long run.

To keep on top of your floor cleaning routine, make sure you have accessories like vacuum bags, vacuum filters and cleaning solutions on hand just like you would other household cleaning products. With a little attention and the right tools, you can make your flooring look brand new.