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Stick vacuum, multi-surface floor cleaner

Floor Care

Buying Guide

Finding the right floor care for your space.

Best Buy carries a wide selection of floor care to keep your home clean and comfortable. From upright vacuums and carpet cleaners, to robotic vacuums and all-in-one floor cleaners – we offer solutions for pet owners, families, those with allergies and beyond.

Explore floor care by type

Stick, handheld and cordless vacuums
Designed to fit small spaces and hard-to-reach places, these vacuums are ideal for everyday cleaning.
Upright vacuums
Consider an upright vacuum for deep cleaning, including high-traffic areas or multiple rooms throughout the home.
Robotic floor care
Robotic vacuums and mops offer programmable room layouts and cleaning schedules for more efficient, everyday cleaning.
Multi-surface floor cleaners
These multi-purpose units can remove debris and wash hard surfaces with minimal time and storage required.
Carpet cleaners
Maintain carpet and upholstery with deep cleaners designed to treat concentrated spills or cover entire rooms.
Pet care
Keep small spaces and large areas free from dander and debris with products specially designed for pet owners.

Things to consider:

  • Cleaning schedule: Some vacuums and floor cleaners are intended for daily use while others are more beneficial for deep cleaning.
  • Size and space: Many stick vacuums are battery-operated, which may result in limited run times. In addition, the bin capacity on these units is typically smaller than upright models.
  • Floor type: Some floor care products are designed for solid surfaces like hardwood floors or tile while others perform best on carpet and upholstery.
  • Pet owners: Many models feature brush-detangling technology to collect pet dander and debris quickly and efficiently on floors and furniture.

Stick vacuums.

Stick vacuums feature lightweight, compact designs for quieter vacuuming and easy storage. These models are often available cord-free, which creates access to small spaces and more restricted areas. Multiple attachments can clean a variety of surfaces while many units can convert between upright and handheld positions. Stick vacuums are ideal for everyday cleaning or homes with limited storage.

Due to their slender designs, stick vacuums typically possess smaller bin capacities for dirt and other particles. Additionally, battery life on cord-free stick vacuums can vary and the battery must be charged before operating.

Upright vacuums.

Upright vacuums offer more powerful suction for a complete clean. Premium models feature attachments intended for upholstery, curtains, ceiling fans, staircases and more. Larger capacity receiving bins make dirt and dust disposal quick and easy. These units are ideal for deep cleaning or sweeping multiple rooms.

Upright vacuums can be more challenging to maneuver due to their larger size and weight, which can also result in more noise during use. Plus, corded models can risk becoming tangled or limiting the desired cleaning range.

Robot vacuums.

Robotic vacuums and mops intelligently map spaces to program cleaning schedules and floorplans designed to avoid obstacles. This innovative floor care technology is powered by mobile devices, where layouts and settings are easily accessible. Premium models will automatically return to their charging docks when the battery is low and resume cleaning once the unit is fully charged. Others will even empty the bin for you.

Robotic vacuums do not offer as powerful suction as other floor care options. Certain areas like tight corners and staircases, and different types of fabrics like high-pile carpeting, may still require vacuuming by hand. Also, don’t forget to pick up any clutter because robotic floor care automatically avoids sweeping or washing these areas.

Multi-surface floor cleaners.

Multi-surface floor cleaners combine the features of shop vacuums, dry vacuums and mops in a single unit. These all-in-one models can sweep up dirt and debris and wash floors without switching between products. Many multi-surface floor cleaners are designed with two reservoir tanks, one for a cleaning solution and another for soiled water. This type of floor care is ideal for homes with limited carpeting or storage.

All-in-one floor care models may not clean as effectively on rugs or carpeting and may require an additional cleaning solution to maintain the freshwater tank. Some units rely on steam power rather than a cleaning solution.

Carpet cleaners.

Carpet cleaners are designed to wash and sanitize carpeted areas. These units use high heat and suction to help reduce mold, mildew and other bacteria that can build up over time. Carpet cleaners are available in upright models for deep cleaning large areas and smaller, more portable units for stain treatments and spot cleaning.

Ensure carpet is fully dry before returning furniture to its original location to prevent damage.

Designed for pets.

These floor care products are designed with innovative brush-detangling technology that prevents pet hair from congesting the unit. Some models also feature lasers or built-in lights on the brush head that illuminate surface dander to ensure the cleanest possible floors.

Depending on the type of animal or number of pets in your home, the receiving bin may need to emptied multiple times during use.