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Buying a TCL TV

Key Benefits of a TCL Roku TV

For more than 25 years, TCL has been manufacturing high-quality TVs that bring you the latest technology and stylish designs. If you're in the market for a new TV, check out some of the highlights that a TCL television can offer. Let's start with picture quality. TCL Roku 6-series, 5-series and 4-series TVs all feature 4K Ultra HD resolution, offering four times the picture quality of standard high definition. Plus, HDR technology provides enhanced contrast for deeper blacks and brighter whites. Whichever model of TCL 4K TV you choose, the result is a stunning, lifelike picture. TCL TVs are also equipped with smart functionality, for easy streaming from providers like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more.

Next, let's consider the best TV for you in terms of size. Whether you're looking for a bigger television for your home theater, or a smaller model for a den or bedroom, TCL has you covered. Choose from 65-inch TCL Roku TVs, 55-inch models, or 49-inch TVs for larger rooms. Or, find the right 43-inch or 32-inch TCL TV for your smaller spaces. Regardless of size, your TCL TV will be packed with features like LED backlight technology, multiple contrast zones, and wide color gamut that deliver amazing experiences.

Bringing Your TCL TV Home

Once you choose the right model and size of TCL TV for you, the next step is making the most of your purchase. Maybe you already have a surround sound system ready to go. Or, perhaps you're ready to upgrade to a new set of speakers for your home theater. If you're creating a surround sound system from scratch, we have a full array of home audio products designed to blanket you in lifelike sound. A good complement to a stylish new TCL TV is a sound bar. They're a great way to bring home the sound, in a sleek design that doesn't take up a lot of space. Don't forget to make sure that you're sending high-quality content to your new TV. A Blu-ray player is a great way to deliver dazzling visuals. Find smart models for easy streaming, and even 4K-compatible players.

Once you've chosen your home theater system, it's time to consider setup and installation. First, decide if you're going to hang your TV on the wall using a TV wall mount, or if you'd rather set it on a stand. Either way, Geek Squad Agents are here to help. They're experts at TV installation, home theater set up, and even device repair. They'll even program your remotes for you to make sure you're experiencing the best of your new TCL TV in no time.