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With this GPS, featuring a 6.95" edge-to-edge high-resolution display, lifetime traffic updates, and USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the only thing you'll want to ask Alexa is "Where's our next adventure?" 

Featured GPS devices

Garmin Drive 52
Basic GPS navigator with 5" display, lifetime map and traffic options.
Garmin DriveSmart 55 & Traffic
Advanced GPS navigator with a 5.5" display, Bluetooth, voice-activated operation and live traffic.
Garmin DriveSmart 65 & Traffic
Advanced GPS navigator with a 6.95" display, traffic options and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Choosing a GPS navigation system.

Finding the best GPS navigation device for you.

GPS navigation can find you the shortest commute through the city center, guide you along unfamiliar highways on road trips, improve your knowledge of a golf course and help you find your way in the wilderness. And unlike a mobile maps app, it won’t drain your smartphone’s battery. In fact, a GPS unit is one of the recommended gadgets for your car.

Because of their usefulness, GPS devices come ready-made with all kinds of additional features. If you’re shopping for a car GPS, you might choose a built-in dash GPS system that offers entertainment features, like a GPS system with Apple Car Play or a GPS with satellite radio.

For any kind of vehicle map navigation, you can narrow your search by the kind of vehicle you’ll be using. There are options for cars; there’s trucker GPS; there’s GPS for motorcycles and even boating. And, of course, there is handheld GPS for hiking.

Getting the most out of your GPS.

In addition to helping you get around, GPS technology can offer other perks. For instance, you can use some GPS units to make your position known to loved ones and keep in contact with them. Features like satellite messaging and emergency alert buttons come in especially handy for cyclists and hikers. For this reason, a handheld GPS is one of the essential hiking gadgets for extended or challenging excursions.

If you are buying a GPS for backpacking and hiking, consider what options the system navigation offers in terms of updating your contacts about your position, allowing you to send and receive messages, and providing you with an emergency alert option.

Meanwhile, GPS navigation for cars offers a host of listening and communication features, you can integrate a cellphone Bluetooth connection and choose from many entertainment options. Plus, compared to a smartphone, car GPS units give you a much larger screen for viewing directions.