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Content Creator Cameras, Lights and Mics

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Choosing the right devices for your content creation.

Buying tech for vlogging and podcasting.

Thanks to smartphones and simple audio editing and video editing apps and programs, it’s easy to start a video blog, video podcast or audio podcast. However, content creation still requires some specialized audio and vlogging equipment, and investing in the right gear will make your video or audio creations clearer and more appealing to audiences.

For audio podcasting, since audio is all you have, you definitely want crisp clarity and an appealing tone. A condenser mic will be more sensitive and have a higher output response, which means you won’t have to push the gain as much. However, a dynamic mic might be better if you have a lot of background hum—like an air system or traffic noise—in your home recording space. Headphones are also essential for hearing your audio levels.

For video content, believe it or not, audio is still the most important component. A beginner vlog camera can help you tell a great story, but bad audio will always distract your viewer. Depending on your setup, you might choose a camera mic or a lavalier mic to use when recording.

Great gear and software for photography and streaming.

There’s a significant overlap in equipment between vlogging equipment and gear for certain forms of photography or streaming. DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras are both popular upgrades from a smartphone camera for improving your visuals. Not only do DSLR and mirrorless cameras capture images well, they also allow you to use a range of camera lenses to achieve different looks.

For clarity and to set the right mood, you will need to light your subject and possibly your background. For a classic video lighting setup, shop LED panel lights to find a key light, fill light and backlight. If you need something quick and easy, a ring light can also get the job done for video. But you’ll want a full setup for photography, and you will also want to shop for camera flashes and light reflectors.

Additional devices and gear are obviously helpful for certain content creation. A drone might improve a travel vlog. A backdrop can spruce up a professional, personal or family vlog. A capture card and streaming software will help you live stream. If you’re just starting a vlog, look at more recommendations in our Beginner’s Guide to Vlogging.