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Find the right lens for any shot.

Zoom in on wildlife or a sports event when you can't get close, take beautiful portraits, capture exquisite wide-angle scenery shots and more with the right lens. Shop lenses by camera type, mount type, or by lens design below.

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Which lens is right for each shot?

Telephoto lenses

A must-have lens for getting close to wildlife, concerts or sports events. The bigger the number shown on the lens, the closer you can zoom in.

Wide-angle lenses

Perfect for capturing dramatic scenery like beaches, skylines or landscapes, these lenses capture more of each scene you shoot.

Prime lenses

Ideal for portraits. Also called fixed focal lenses, they offer great depth of field with crisp subjects and softened backgrounds — all at a great price.

Macro lenses

Get extremely close to small subjects. These lenses allow you to shoot things like flowers and subtle textures without losing focus.

Specialty lenses

Add some fun flair to your pictures. Specialty lenses, such as fish-eye lenses, deliver unique effects like curved edges, panoramic perspectives and more.

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Camera Lenses

Shopping for a Camera Lens

The right camera lens can transform an ordinary photo into a memory that lasts a lifetime, and bring you even closer to the action. If you're still relying on the original lens that came with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, it may be time to see what other digital camera lenses can do for you.

Why change my camera lens?

Your DSLR camera probably came with a lens that zooms in and out, so why upgrade from your DSLR lens? Consider the following:

  • Focal length: The lens's ability to zoom in on your subject. Many cameras come with a standard zoom lens. But if you ever find yourself needing to get closer to your subject, the right lens can help.
  • Aperture (f-stop): The pleasant blur in the background of professional-looking photography is created using the right aperture setting in the camera lens you choose.
  • Specialty features: Maybe you'd like to explore your creative side by taking ultra-wide angle shots, or distorted photography.
  • Image stabilization: A lot of cameras have their own image stabilization function. But did you know that many camera lenses also have their own built-in image stabilization that offer clearer photography.

Camera Lens Types

There are two basic categories of photography lenses: zoom and prime. If you can get in closer to your subject, it's a zoom lens, but if the lens does not have any capability to adjust the focal length, it's a prime lens. Here are some popular types of lenses and their benefits:

  • Ultra-wide angle: Capture a wide field of view to get an entire landscape into your shot.
  • Telephoto: An 80mm–100mm or higher lens brings distant objects closer.
  • Macro: Get close to small objects while staying in crystal-clear focus with the right macro lens.
  • Fisheye: This type of lens distorts the image into a curved shape that allows a panoramic-style shot.
  • Mirrorless: A mirrorless lens is specifically built for mirrorless digital cameras and are more compact than many DSLR lenses.

Other Lens Considerations

Best Buy offers camera lenses at great prices, making it affordable to purchase the camera lens accessories you need. Find a wide selection of camera lens filters that protect your lens from normal wear and tear, and reduce reflections and haze, allowing the right amount of light to enter the camera. And, don't forget to get the right camera lens cap, which will keep your lens free of dirt and scratches. Whether you want to capture a breathtaking panoramic nature shot, or your baby's first smile, find the lens that's perfect for you at Best Buy.