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Sleep Solutions

Sleep solutions at Best Buy.

Explore better health through better sleep.

Get help finding your best night’s sleep with luxurious mattresses, sheet sets and pillows.
Find great deals on products designed to help you manage your health, including sleep solutions.

Sleep technology.

Take the next step toward better sleep.

Create the ideal sleep environment with noise-cancelling earbuds or white noise machines, light therapy devices, sleep trackers and even alarms that help you wake up feeling your best
Philips SmartSleep lamps.
Enjoy sunset and sunrise simulations that prepare your body for sleep and help you wake up feeling your best.
Soundcore Sleep A10 earbuds.
A comfortable fit and noise masking technology make these earbuds the perfect companion for a peaceful night's sleep.
White noise machines

White noise machines.

Sounds like a good night’s sleep.

Create a relaxing environment with the right sound machine, including smart options, portable models and sleep light combinations.
Hatch Restore sound machine.
Let Hatch Restore help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. Enjoy 31 sounds, 22 light colors and 10 sunrise variations.
Yogasleep sound machines.
Choose soothing sounds for every sleep style. Plus, find travel models that help you bring relaxing sounds wherever you go.
Project Nursery sound machines.
Soothe your baby to sleep with sounds from nature or a melodic lullaby. Add a portable sound machine to bring on vacations.
Sleep monitoring and tracking.
Find sleep monitoring solutions for the whole family, including smart baby monitors that provide real-time alerts for peace of mind.


Upgrade to quality sleep.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, it might be time for a new mattress, or maybe just a bigger size. Find the size you need, plus choose a Sealy To Go option for delivery in a box, right to your door.

Mattress toppers and pads.

Another layer of comfort.

Enhance the comfort of any sleep surface with a memory foam mattress topper or pad that conforms to your unique body shape.

Bed pillows.

Support from head to toe.

Whole-body comfort starts with the right pillow. Find options that provide support for your neck and head, plus cooling technology.

Weighted blankets.

Get more than a blanket.

Weighted blankets are designed to help promote relaxation while reducing stress and anxiety. They can help reduce movement in the night to boost time in your deep, rejuvenating sleep cycles.

As comforting as a hug, Casper weighted blankets can have a calming effect that helps promote relaxation.

Discover gentle and balanced pressure in various weights with breathable, eco-friendly options.

Shop related products

Staying hydrated is an important part of your health, and can contribute to better sleep.
Computer glasses.
Protect your eyes from blue UV light that can cause sleep disruptions.
Baby monitors.
When parents know baby is sleeping safely they can get better sleep, too.
Air purifiers.
Get help breathing easier all through the night by reducing pollen and impurities in the air.
Light therapy.
Bring the benefits of daylight safely indoors any time of year to help improve your sleep rhythms.
CPAP machine accessories.
Maintain your CPAP machine with the right accessories so you can focus on quality sleep.
Smart showerheads.
Monitor your water usage and control water temperature from an app.

Finding sleep solutions.

Using technology for better sleep.

Sleep technology offers some great new sleep solutions to help you feel rested by morning. If you’re looking for sleep devices to help monitor and track your sleep, there are many fitness trackers designed to help. For example, sleep devices can inform you how frequently your cycles are disturbed during the night. Some programs can also give you tips for how to sleep better, including recommendations on ways to wind down and relax before bed so you can sleep more soundly. Plus, some devices for sleep tracking include a sleep monitoring pad for added accuracy. 

Creating a quality sleep environment.

Creating a quality sleep environment is vital for a good night’s rest. This means making sure your bedroom is not associated with work or stress. Avoid setting up a home office in the same room where you sleep. Instead, reserve the space for only bedroom furniture.

When it’s time for bed, you want your bedroom dark and cool. It’s also well worth it to invest in a mattress or mattress topper that will keep you supported and comfortable throughout the night. Consider a white noise machine to block out distracting ambient noises.

Check out pillows with supportive memory foam or a pillow with a cooling effect that might improve your comfort level. And it’s always nice to have a bed frame that doesn’t make noise when you move at night.

Activities that hurt sleep and ones that improve sleep.

Things you do during your day can impact how you sleep at night. One step to improved rest is limiting your exposure to screens for an hour or two before bed. Instead, try reading a book, taking a warm bath, stretching, doing gentle yoga, or listening to calming music.

Another step toward quality sleep is to establish a regular sleep schedule. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, even on weekends. A consistent sleep schedule can help to regulate your body’s natural sleep rhythms.

You should also avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol because they both interfere with your body’s sleep cycles. Instead, you might try drinking herbal tea. And if you have time, an hour of moderate exercise like walking during the day can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.


Additional information: 
These statements and any information contained herein are intended for educational purposes only and are not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition. Carefully review product labels for instructions and important safety information, and consider consulting with a health care professional regarding your use of health and wellness products.

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