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Shopping for travel bags.

Finding the best suitcases and carry-on luggage for you.

The right bag can transform travel from an annoying and uncomfortable process to an enjoyable and easy one. If you are a frequent traveler, you know it’s important to keep things convenient and comfortable.

Your bag should suit your travel type and the items you need to pack. So, when shopping for the best suitcases to check or carry-on luggage, consider the kind of travel you’ll be doing. Do you want plenty of pockets for easy access to books, tickets or headphones? Or would you prefer a lockable suitcase with a single compartment? Maybe you need an expandable suitcase for flexibility. And you might want a water-resistant suitcase if you expect to walk through rain or snow during your trip.

Weight and size matter a lot when it comes to getting your suitcase into the trunk of a car or the overhead bin on a plane, and finding something you can handle easily involves multiple variables. For instance, rolling suitcases with four wheels are easier to manipulate through crowded spaces than those with two wheels, but they can be a little heavier and sacrifice some packing space for the extra wheels.

Travel and weekend bags for quick trips.

If you're mostly taking short trips, you might want to trade in your larger rolling suitcase for a simple duffel bag or even a travel backpack if you’re a very efficient packer. Though you can get large duffels on wheels, duffel bags are generally more lightweight than regular suitcases, making them ideal for quick trips. You will also benefit from having your bag on your back or over your shoulder if you need to walk over uneven ground.

If you are traveling with a laptop, always make sure you have a laptop bag or case to protect your important piece of technology. Choose a bag that is lightweight yet durable so it can withstand the wear and tear of frequent travel.

Finally, improve your overall experience with the right travel accessories. Packing organizers can make finding and fitting things in your bag a breeze. A toiletry bag will simplify your morning and evening routines. A travel blanket and pillow will keep you comfy while you’re in transit. And don’t forget converters and adapters if you’re traveling abroad.