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Buying a tablet computer.

 Benefits of tablets.

If you’re ready to buy a new electronic device that has a larger screen than the average smartphone but is similarly versatile, there are several advantages to tablet computers. Many people prefer tablets for on-the-go access to the internet and email because they’re extremely portable and more lightweight than laptops. Plus, the keyboard on a large screen tablet is easier to type on than the smaller screen of your phone. Additionally, some tablet cases not only protect your tablet, but they also have separate keyboards that transform your device into a more ergonomic setup.

Another popular reason people buy tablets is for long car trips with kids. Children enjoy using tablets for gaming and watching movies while their parents focus on the road, making the journey more bearable for everyone. Bringing along a mobile hotspot to download new shows and music will help provide entertainment for the road ahead. When you’re not traveling, you can connect the tablet to your home’s Wi-Fi network and use it to manage smart home devices, catch up on the news or play solitaire. Explore our broad selection of tablets to print photos from, surf the web or streaming content to find the best tablet for your needs.

Choosing the best tablet for you.

Because Best Buy has an ample variety of tablets for sale from popular brands, consider how you expect to use your device to narrow down your options. Budding artists prefer drawing tablets that have enhanced graphics that are ideal for illustration apps. Models with larger screens are ideal tablets for seniors who appreciate being able to view images and text in more detail, which is why they’re a thoughtful gift idea for grandparents. There are also tablets that are uniquely designed for reading e-books which feature LED screens, page turning simulation and water resistance. Whether you’re using a tablet for gaming or for work-related purposes, there are multiple sizes and prices of tablets available to choose from. If you’re trying to stay within a certain budget, you’ll be pleased to find a wide range of tablet prices depending on the features and how many gigabytes of data are included. If you’re partial to a certain operating system, there are plenty of choices within the Apple iOS, Windows, and Android families to make it easier to find the right one. Once you decide which tablet best fits your specifications, be sure to pick up compatible accessories that help you get the most out of your new purchase, like a tablet stylus or portable charger.