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Range Hoods & Downdraft Ventilation

Find your perfect range hood.

Breathe easy in your kitchen.

From subtle under-cabinet installations to dramatic kitchen statement pieces, your perfect range hood is here.

Here’s why you need a range hood.

Range hoods remove cooking odors, condensation, smoke, steam and heat from your kitchen. Plus, they help to keep grease from building up on your stove, countertops and ceiling.

How to choose a range hood.

Best Buy carries a wide range of range hood styles with an even greater range of features. Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping:

  • Vented hood installations move kitchen exhaust to the outside of the home. Non-vented (or ductless) installations recirculate air back into the kitchen, typically passing through a charcoal filter that absorbs smoke and odors. A vented range hood is typically considered more effective at clearing the kitchen air.
  • Your kitchen size and configuration can help to sort your priorities when choosing a hood type. If your room is large and you cook often, choose a hood with a stronger blower and more speeds to take care of excess odors.
  • Take advantage of new technology: some models feature Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability and others come with remote controls. Check out heat-sensing range hoods that can adjust the fan speed to the temperature of the stovetop, or models with a timer.

Shop range hoods by type

Whether simple in design or dramatic like a chimney hood, this type attaches to the wall above the stove where there is a break in your cabinetry.
A focal point in your kitchen, this hood hangs from the ceiling over your island cooktop.
Simple and effective at saving space, these hoods mount directly under kitchen cabinetry. Slim models are available for very tight spaces.
Over-the-range microwave
This type of microwave, mounted above your stovetop, often contains a built-in air ventilation system.
Down-draft ventilation
Using a filtration system that installs near or behind your stovetop, downdraft vents are useful when your range is in an awkward area or you want it to be visually subtle.

Buying a range hood.

Benefits of vent hoods in kitchens.

Aside from serving as a striking focal point of modern kitchen renovations, the purpose of range hood vents is to remove unwanted particles and cooking smells from the air. Also called stove hoods and oven hoods, kitchen vent hoods are essential tools for every chef, no matter how impressive their culinary abilities might be. Smoke and fumes from oil and food sizzling in cookware on your stove or in your oven can build up in the air and leave a mess on surfaces once they settle. Whether your kitchen layout requires installing a vent hood over your island or placing one under your cabinets and over your range, you’ll appreciate having a vent hood that improves the air quality in your home. Depending on the arrangement of mechanics in your space, you can choose either an externally or internally vented kitchen hood to vent aromas from braising brisket in your oven and clearing out steam from broths boiling on your cooktop.

Choosing the best range hood for you.

While a common reason someone might buy one stove hood over another is how powerful the motor is, there are different features that might make a difference in your overall satisfaction. If you want cleanup of your stove hood vent to be easier, then select a model with removable filters that are safe to go in your dishwasher.  Many people appreciate having a kitchen hood vent with a built-in light that illuminates their work surface while they prepare meals. However, the most important thing to do before you start shopping is to measure your space to see what size vent hood you need to make sure it fits in between or underneath cabinets or over your island cooktop. Range hood sizes vary between styles and brands, so you’re bound to find one compatible with your dimensions. After you decide on the kitchen hood that complements the aesthetic of your nearby refrigerator, schedule an appointment with Best Buy’s appliance delivery and installation service to start enjoying your new appliance as soon as possible.