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  1. RAVEMEN - LS15 CR800 + TR30M Dual LED Light Set - Black/Red

    Your price for this item is $63.99
    The regular price is $74.99
  2. Garmin - Varia RTL515 Radar Tail Light - Black

    Model: 010-02376-00
    SKU: 6412051
    Your price for this item is $199.99
  3. RAVEMEN - CR600 LED Headlight - Black

    Your price for this item is $49.99
  4. Bell - Pharos 650 COB LED Bike Light Set - Multicolor

    Your price for this item is $20.99
    The previous price was $27.99
  5. QuietKat - Explorer 2000 Light - Black

    Model: FKA-97217
    SKU: 6552955
    Your price for this item is $89.99
  6. QuietKat - Explorer 1000 Light - Black

    Model: FKA-97200
    SKU: 6553065
    Your price for this item is $74.99
  7. RAVEMEN - TR50 Tail Light - Black/Red

    Your price for this item is $20.99
    The regular price is $29.99
  8. Thousand - Traveler Magnetic Bike Front Light - Stealth Black

    Model: TLGL04050101
    SKU: 6523527
    Your price for this item is $35.00
  9. QuietKat - Smart Tail Light - Black

    Model: FKA-96159
    SKU: 6552959
    Your price for this item is $49.99
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Buying bike lights.

Benefits of bicycle lights.

Whether you’re riding an eBike or a conventional bicycle, bicycle lights are often the only way that other vehicles can see you from a distance during the night or in low light conditions. Though you may have reflectors on your bike, a rear bike light and a bike headlight will work much more effectively without relying on any other light source to illuminate them. Bike wheel lights will also make your presence visible from the side.

Additionally, many bike and eBike lights are designed with specific settings, such as a flashing mode, which can distinguish what kind of vehicle you are to other people on the road.

Even if you usually ride during the day, it is good to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances by having bike lights for night riding on your bicycle or eBike. With the right lights, you can ride with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are well-lit and visible to the vehicles and pedestrians around you.

Choosing the best bike lights for you.

At minimum, your bicycle should be outfitted with a red or orange bike taillight and a white bicycle headlight. You can also choose wheel or spoke lights and a bicycle helmet with built-in lights.

When choosing lights, consider what kind of battery and battery life you want. Bike LED light technology offers excellent battery life, which you need if you’re setting off on an extended bicycle trip (for bicycle touring, you may also want to consider a bike GPS). Rechargeable bike lights are popular and eco-friendly, but you need to make sure you have a place to recharge them reliably. For lights that take conventional batteries, keep spare batteries on hand.

If you are an off-road rider who needs a headlight to see on trails and dark roads, you will want something with multiple settings and a wide, long-reaching beam. Additionally, pay attention to mounting options and weight as these can be important factors in finding the best bicycle lights for you.

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