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We love our pets. Cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters… they’re members of the family. Serving as both playmates and companions, pets are essential to many people’s lives and their needs are as varied and unique as their personalities. Fortunately, new pet technology offers pet care that makes it easier than ever to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Smart pet collars and leashes can keep your dog or cat safer outside. Collar lights and light-up leashes make a pet more visible in low light or nighttime settings and GPS trackers help find your pet if they get lost while out and about. Additionally, you can now utilize an indoor security camera if you want to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away. Simply plug in the camera, connect to Wi-Fi and see what your pet is up to while you’re out.

At-home grooming tech, like wireless clippers, undercoat brushes and handheld deep cleaners, will allow you to give your dog a thorough grooming at home, saving you money on professional grooming services and ensuring your dog gets personalized care. When cleaning up afterwards, don’t forget to choose a vacuum for pet hair that will keep the whole house smelling fresh and free of excess hair.

Getting the most out of your pet gear.

When you are introducing your pet to new pet products, remember that unfamiliar objects might make them a little wary. A new pet feeding system or grooming product will take some getting used to. It’s always best to introduce pet supplies gradually and make the experience a positive one.

Figure out if there are ways to transition your pet to the new pet technology in stages. For instance, if you just purchased a self-cleaning litter box, let your cat investigate the litter robot first for a few days. Place some of your cat’s favorite treats or toys near the pet grooming and health litter robot. Then, wait until your cat starts using it before turning it on to help with the comfort level.

Pet supplies can get pricey. Whenever you invest in new pet accessories, make sure you calculate any long-term costs and think thoroughly about what your pet might need or enjoy. Using tech-forward hacks for pet care can save you time covering the basics of care, but they should never replace quality time with your animal companion. The ultimate goal is spending more time with your pet. If you want, you can even throw an action camera on yourself or your pet to record your playtime together.