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Jitterbug phones have unlimited talk, text and 24/7 help

with plans starting at just $19.99/month.

Easy-to-use devices from Lively can help you stay safe and connected.

Products, services and a caring team.

Stay safe and connected using easy-to-use devices and services with instant access to a team of caring professionals, 24/7.

Shop Lively products and services

Jitterbug Smart4 smartphone
Features a large screen with a simplified menu, plus video chat, a long-lasting battery and plans starting at $19.99/month.
Jitterbug Flip2 phone
Features a large screen and buttons, a powerful speaker, a long-lasting battery, and plans starting at $19.99/month.
Lively Mobile Plus medical alert device
Get one-button help in an emergency, 24/7, with 2-way communication.
Lively services
Lively plans connect you to caring professionals during emergencies, big or small.
Lively on Alexa devices
Contact Urgent Response Agents through the Alexa device using your voice.*
Lively on Apple Watch
Get help on the go with one-tap access to Lively Urgent Response.

I need to stay connected and independent.

Easy-to-use Jitterbug phones can help you stay in touch.

  • Choose a Jitterbug phone featuring big buttons, a large screen and a powerful speaker
  • Activate a talk, text and services plan starting at just $19.99/month (activate in a Best Buy store or by calling 1-866-829-4527)

I'll need help in an emergency.

Lively can help if you fall or have another emergency.

  • First, choose a Lively phone, medical alert device, or Amazon Echo device
  • Then, add a Lively Plan for Amazon Alexa devices or call 1-866-829-4527 to activate a talk, text and services plan
  • If you ever experience an emergency, call for help with the touch of a button, or just say “Alexa, call for help”

Lively videos.

Lively Urgent Response with Amazon Alexa video.

Lively Health and Safety services video.

Talk to a Lively expert.

Call 1-800-918-8543 for help.

Get answers to your questions about Lively Health & Safety packages, phone plans and much more.
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Lively Urgent Response on Alexa devices:
*Lively on Alexa is not a substitute for 911. The service depends on Amazon’s functionality and may not work during power outages or connectivity issues. Urgent Response and the Lively Health & Safety Services voice skill will only work if your account is current on payment, if your Alexa device is plugged in and turned on, has network or internet access, and the Lively Health & Safety Service voice skill is enabled and linked to your Lively account. May not be available if you are out of voice range of your smart speaker. Lively cannot guarantee that Amazon Alexa will function as expected.