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Creating smart home solutions.

What makes a house smart? 

You can create a smart home hub using smart devices that connect to your Wi-Fi network to intuitively help your home’s systems run efficiently and in conjunction with each other. A well-planned smart house lets you wirelessly pair smart home products that offer both convenience and safety. Smart technology tools can learn your daily sleep and awake patterns as well as what time you’re generally home or away. Then based on the findings, it adjusts your home automation systems accordingly by regulating the thermostat and turning lights off or on, so you’re only using energy when needed. From Wi-Fi alarms and sensors on doors and windows to outdoor maintenance and lighting, your smart home system can be monitored remotely with smartphone apps. Whether you want to upgrade your home security solutions or save money on heating and cooling, we’ll help you find the best smart home devices for your abode at Best Buy. Once you select everything to complete your smart house, trust our professional Geek Squad® with smart home installation services

Experience the benefits of smart home automation.

Not only is home automation innovative and impressive, but it also adds convenience to your life. With the right smart home products in place, you can enjoy more peace of mind. Smart door locks and smart garage door openers provide a seamless return to your residence and can also allow entry for approved guests when you’re not there. Outfitting your lights with smart light bulbs and programming them to operate on a schedule lets you come home to an illuminated house. They can also give the impression that someone is there when you’re on vacation, which serves as a deterrent to unwanted visitors. Plus, having the ability to adjust your thermostat and lights with an app on your phone or tablet can contribute to sustainable living goals because you’ll waste less energy. Kids take a lot of work, but having a smart nursery makes it easier to keep an eye on your little one after you tuck them into bed. You can also adjust the temperature without setting foot in the room. With an automated smart home system in place, every family member will enjoy experiencing all the benefits they offer. For more tips & ideas to make your home smarter see our room by room guide to home automation.