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SimpliSafe Home Security

Home security.

Done right.

Engineered with a single focus: to protect. More than easy to use — downright delightful.

Security system

Smaller. Faster. Stronger.

Half the size with double the range. Fifty percent louder and five times faster. Loaded with redesigned safeguards. Introducing the most powerful SimpliSafe yet.

24/7 professional monitoring.

It's like having a personal security guard in front of your house. SimpliSafe specialists watch over your home day and night, ready to alert the authorities when you need help. Only $14.99/month.

For 24/7 professional monitoring, customers can sign up through the SimpliSafe Home Security app or call SimpliSafe customer service at 1-888-957-4675.
Security yard sign

Always on the lookout.

Package? Delivered. Dog? Walked. Front yard? All clear. Bad guys? Not here. Watch over it all — without leaving your seat — with the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro.

Engineered to protect.

SimpliSafe protects over 2 million Americans with their award-winning security system. This is the SimpliSafe security camera. 24/7 HD video. Intruder and motion alerts. All built by people who know security.

Less markup. More security.

You shouldn't have to pay more so SimpliSafe can do less. SimpliSafe eliminated the middlemen, so you get a better deal.

Comparison conducted as of April 10, 2018 based on company websites and other publicly available information.
 See how much you'll save with traditional security versus SimpliSafe. 168-dollar savings after six months. 336-dollar savings after one year. 672-dollar savings after two years. 1,008-dollar savings after three years.
Security system

Built for the unexpected.

Real security prepares for the worst. Power outages. Storms. Downed Wi-Fi. Cut landlines. Bats. Hammers. Crowbars. And everything in between. SimpliSafe is ready.

2 million

Americans protected

40,000 5-star reviews


of protection

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