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Buying video games, consoles and accessories.

Finding the games you want.

With a vast selection of new video games coming out all the time, it can be challenging to choose the video game console or game system that will bring you the greatest enjoyment. Sometimes, it comes down to making a wish list of the games you want to play and seeing which hardware will support most of your choices. You can rely on Best Buy to find new releases, classic titles, and hot upcoming pre-orders for all consoles.

Choosing the best video game equipment for you.

PlayStation and Xbox have created powerful systems that have taken the world of console gaming to a new level. If you’re considering the Xbox Series X|S systems, you’ll be choosing between the high-end capabilities of the Xbox Series X (including 4K resolution and gameplay up to 120 fps) and the smaller, all-digital Xbox Series S. Xbox has a strong lineup of exclusive titles, including the Halo and Forza series.

Alternatively, you could take home the PlayStation 5. Like Xbox, the PS5 comes in two versions. The PS5 plays discs as well as digital games, while the PS5 Digital Edition plays only digital games. The PlayStation also offers many popular exclusive titles, including the God of War series, The Last of Us, Marvel’s Spider-Man and others.

Although it doesn’t have the power of the Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo Switch boasts an extensive roster of family friendly Mario, Zelda and Pokémon titles. Plus, the Switch is a versatile console that you can connect to your television or play as a handheld device.

Some console video games can be played without a console. For instance, many gamers choose a gaming PC instead of a console. You can also use a phone for handheld gaming by pairing it with a gaming controller.

Getting the most out of your video games.

After you purchase your gaming console, consider picking up some gaming accessories for an even better experience. If you want your friends and family to get in on the action while playing multiplayer video games, consider picking up an extra controller. An external hard drive will give your console the capacity to store more games. A gaming headset can help you hear the action as well as you see it. Plus, a headset can minimize distractions and help you communicate with teammates. A gaming TV will let you make the most of your video game console’s capabilities. If you’re a PC gamer, you can even connect your PC to the television for a greater playing experience.

If you’re looking for a birthday or holiday gift for a gamer but are unsure what to choose, a gaming gift card will make the perfect present. There are many ways to optimize a gaming setup, from the hardware you choose and the accessories you add to the settings of your TV or monitor and the comfort of your seating arrangement. With so many options, you’ll be leveling up in no time.