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Buying Guide

There are many important factors when choosing a new video game console. Obviously, price and the types of games you want to play are key considerations. Another practical and very important issue is what your friends have. While there are more cross-platform games than ever, if all your friends own an Xbox and you own a PlayStation, you may not be able to play with them.

Also be aware that Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch all have different exclusive games. For instance, if you really like Mario games, keep in mind you can play them only on a Nintendo console. Buying a video game console is a big investment and should be treated as such. This guide will help you make an informed decision about the video game consoles, games, and accessories that are right for you.


Features of Xbox Series X|S.

Released by Microsoft in late 2020, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles have made their mark on the gaming world. Both offer gaming at up to 120 frames per second, backward compatibility with thousands of games, Dolby Vision and Dolby True HD with a compatible display, and Direct X Raytracing.

The Xbox Series X is the most powerful Xbox console ever made. It has 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power and 1TB SSD internal storage. Plus, it delivers true 4K gaming. This means your games look and play better, delivering a more realistic, immersive experience.

Compact, but powerful, the Xbox Series S delivers next-gen gaming performance in the smallest Xbox ever. It has 4 teraflops processing power and 512GB internal storage. A digital-only console, it plays only digital downloads.

Xbox games.

Xbox features an impressive roster of exclusive titles such as Redfall, and the blockbuster Halo and Forza series. You can also find popular multiplatform games such as Minecraft Legends and Diablo IV. Further, Xbox has gone to great lengths to ensure compatibility across the newer Xbox Series X|S and the older Xbox One consoles. Xbox Series X|S consoles are backward compatible with previous generations of Xbox games. Therefore, you will likely be able to play the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games you already own.

Xbox also features Smart Delivery. If you own an Xbox game with the Smart Delivery icon on the box, you will be ensured of playing the best available version of the game, whether you play on the Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One.

Xbox Game Pass.

Instead of buying a game that may not live up to your expectations, think about getting Xbox Game Pass instead. With Xbox Game Pass, you can access more than 100 high-quality games, with new titles added regularly. Xbox Game Pass also includes an EA Play membership, which gives you access to popular sports games like the Madden, FIFA, UFC and NHL franchise games. You can also play new Xbox Game Studios games the same day they release.

An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription offers even more by giving you the excellent games of Xbox Game Pass along with the multiplayer network of Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox All Access.

If you want next-gen gaming with no upfront cost, Xbox All Access, your all-inclusive pass to Xbox, may be right for you. With this service, you can choose an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console along with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee.
Terms and conditions apply.


Features of PlayStation 5.

Gamers looking for an immersive experience can find it with the PlayStation 5 (PS5) from Sony. There are two versions — the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. The PS5 plays both physical and digital games. As the name implies, the PS5 Digital Edition plays only digital games. The original PS5 models have been phased out and replaced with the smaller, sleeker models known as PS5 Slim and PS5 Digital Edition Slim. The PS5 Slim consoles continue to deliver fast loading, an ultra-high-speed solid-state drive (SSD), and integrated input/output (I/O). These features give game designers more options to create amazing, immersive games.

One exciting element of the PS5 is the DualSense wireless controller that’s included with each console. With the DualSense controller, gamers will experience haptic feedback and adaptive triggers while playing. Practically speaking, this means the controller can vibrate in response to action from the game. You may feel recoil from shooting a weapon or different levels of force and resistance while making moves within the game.

PlayStation games.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of PlayStation gaming is its roster of exclusive titles. There are many popular series that are only for PlayStation, including God of War Ragnarök, Horizon Forbidden West and others. If your friends like to play these games, a PlayStation may be the console for you so you can play with along with them. With a PlayStation you can also play popular multiplatform games such as Hogwarts Legacy, MLB The Show 23 and more. 

PlayStation Plus.

You can play your games by yourself, but many games also feature multiplayer mode where you can create a squad and take on enemies. PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that lets you play online with friends and join a community of gamers. PlayStation Plus also features new games each month and exclusive member discounts.

Nintendo Switch.

Features of Nintendo Switch.

Due to its versatility, portability and roster of fun games, the Nintendo Switch has captivated all types of gamers since its release in 2017. You can dock the Switch to your television and play games in console mode. You can also remove it from the dock and play on the go in handheld or tabletop modes. You can even connect multiple Switch systems together and enjoy face-to-face multiplayer competition.

If you want to play games only in handheld mode and don’t need to hook up to a TV, consider the Nintendo Switch Lite. This console, which costs less than the traditional Switch, is designed specifically for handheld play and is available in a variety of vibrant colors. Any Switch game that works in handheld mode will play on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch games.

The Switch is celebrated for its wide array of family-friendly games. The Mario and Pokémon franchises, exclusive to Nintendo, are all well-known as being great for kids. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a wildly popular title that is popular with both adults and children. If you want to play these games, you need a Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Online.

Like other gaming companies, Nintendo offers a subscription-based service. Known as Nintendo Switch Online, this service lets gamers play online multiplayer gaming and enjoy access to dozens of classic Nintendo titles. Nintendo Switch Online also gives members special offers and the ability to save games in the cloud.

Virtual reality.

The cutting edge of gaming.

Virtual reality (VR) can provide an immersive, interactive experience unlike any other. To enjoy all VR gaming has to offer, you’ll need this gear.

  • VR headset and controllers: A VR headset combines high-resolution displays and specialized optics to create captivating visuals. VR controllers, typically included with the headset, are specialized devices that mimic hand movements and gestures, enabling players to manipulate objects, perform actions, and navigate within the virtual world.
  • VR-ready PC or console: Gaming systems capable of VR gaming are equipped with high-end graphics cards, robust processors, ample RAM, and advanced cooling solutions that help render detailed VR environments in real-time. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you have the necessary cables and connections to link your VR headset to your PC or console.
  • Apps and games: VR games that cater to nearly every interest and preference are available. First-person shooter and action games submerge players into heart-pounding experiences, demanding tactical prowess and quick reflexes. Adventure and exploration games are popular, allowing players to discover virtual worlds, solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and embark on epic journeys. Sports and racing games are often favorites among VR gamers, letting them engage in realistic sports simulations and compete in high-speed races.

As a practical matter, you’ll want to have sufficient physical space to move around while using your VR headset so you don’t collide with real-world objects during play.

Virtual reality accessories.

As with console and PC gaming, there are many VR accessories that enhance the overall experience. A head strap can help redistribute the weight of the headset off your face, leading to more comfortable use. Facial interfaces can improve the fit of your VR headset and can also block outside light. Earbuds can provide lag-free wireless audio that makes the VR experience that much more enchanting. Other helpful gear includes charging docks to power up your VR headset, carrying cases and more.

Gaming accessories.

The extras that take games to the next level.

When you buy a new video game console, a controller will be included in the box. Once you have a game, you can start playing as soon as you have the console connected to your TV. While a controller is a critical gaming accessory, other accessories can enhance your overall experience. Gaming accessories include gear such as headsets, extra controllers, charging stations, memory devices, carrying cases and much more.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for accessories is the brand. A first-party product is made by the same company that developed the console it’s for — Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo. Third-party products are made by companies such as Logitech, Astro Gaming, PowerA, Turtle Beach and others.

Gaming headsets.

While video gaming is primarily a visual medium, there is no doubt that your auditory experience matters a great deal as well. For a fully captivating experience, many gaming aficionados use a gaming headset while playing. When playing solo, you may be able to better hear an enemy’s approach. When you play with a squad, you can communicate with your teammates using a headset with mic.

If you plan to wear a headset for extended periods, you’ll find that the leather, mesh and foam materials found in higher-end headsets deliver a more comfortable experience. If you like to move around while you play games, you will definitely prefer a wireless headset over a wired model. Above all, you will want to check to see if the headset you want is compatible with your console. While some headsets are made for multiple platforms, most are playable with only one type of console.

This video discusses how to connect your gaming headset to your console.


As stated above, every video game console includes one controller. If you prefer to game with friends, it is a very good idea to have an extra controller on hand. A second controller also comes in handy whenever you need to charge a controller. First-party controllers typically have the same buttons and controls as the unit that came with your console, and are often available in different colors, patterns or themes, allowing you to add a splash of flair to your gaming. With third-party controllers, you may be able to reprogram the individual buttons controls to your personal tastes or to find a controller with backlighting or other unique features.

Charging stations.

A charging station is nice to have to make sure your controllers are always ready for play. Some charging stations also make for an attractive way to organize, store and display your controllers. You can find third-party chargers from companies such as PowerA and Rocketfish, or buy first-party chargers made by Microsoft (for Xbox), Sony (for PlayStation) or Nintendo (for Switch).

Cameras and game capture devices.

Live streaming platforms such as Twitch have become immensely popular in recent years. These platforms let gamers show off their moves in all types of games. In fact, many gamers have built up large online followings with their gaming prowess. If you or someone you love wants to stream or record their gameplay, a camera or a game capture device is a necessity. PlayStation carries an HD camera for its PS5, and third-party companies such as Elgato offer several game capture devices. You can also choose various webcams for streaming as well.

More gaming accessories.

You’ll get a much more realistic experience in driving games like Forza, Gran Turismo and similar titles with a racing wheel.

If you own a Nintendo Switch console, a carrying case is a great investment if you plan to play while traveling.

For gamers with a dedicated space who play often, a gaming chair is designed for gaming in comfort.

Game drives.

Expand your gaming library with a game drive.

It’s a typical problem. You want to play a new game but must first delete older game files from your console to make room for the new title. This issue is increasingly common as next-gen games require ever increasing amounts of storage.

An external game drive gives you more memory to save your favorites while also leaving ample space for the latest releases. We carry a wide assortment of external game drives for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. You can also find internal solid-state drives (SSDs) and expansion cards. These devices expand a console’s available memory while also maintaining a console’s speed and performance. You can play next-gen games directly from the SSD without having to copy the games over to the console’s internal memory.

Xbox game drives and more.

Xbox gamers have plenty of external storage options. Choose external game drives with storage ranging from 500GB to 5TB or more. You can also find expansion cards. Expansion cards are a type of external SSD that deliver additional memory to a console. The difference is that expansion cards ensure performance that is identical to that of a console’s internal storage. One such SSD expansion card, the Seagate expansion card for Xbox Series X|S, was the product of a collaboration between Microsoft and Seagate.

PlayStation game drives and SSDs.

We carry an assortment of external game drives for PS4 and PS5 consoles, with storage capacities ranging from 500GB to 8TB. An internal SSD is another way to store games. Although SSDs are more expensive than external game drives, SSDs run and load games faster than external game drives.

When searching for an SSD, you will find devices with a built-in heatsink or a heatsink sold separately. A heatsink will transfer heat away from the console, preventing overheating. If you own a PS5, you’ll want a heatsink — whether you purchase it as part of the SSD or separately — because PS5s generate a lot of heat during play.

PC gaming.

Video gaming on the computer.

We know that many gamers prefer to play on a PC. If you’re thinking about purchasing PC gaming hardware, accessories or games, take a look at our PC gaming buying guide.

Digital gaming.

Benefits of digital games.

While many gamers would rather own physical copies of their games, there’s no question that the popularity of digital games is on the rise. Gamers can play digital games on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, as well as last-gen consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In fact, both Xbox and PlayStation offer consoles that play only digital games.

If you’re thinking of making the move to digital, there are some good reasons to support that decision. First, digital games are convenient. You can buy, download, and play a digital game without leaving your couch. Second, with digital games, you can pre-order and preinstall new releases and play them the same day they are released.

Mobile gaming.

Gaming isn’t just for consoles anymore.

In recent years, gaming on mobile devices has exploded in popularity. Games such as Roblox, Royal Match and Candy Crush Saga have been downloaded by millions across the world. Many gamers want to expand their mobile gaming repertoire to games traditionally played on consoles, and now this option is available. For instance, if you play on an Android mobile device, you can purchase Xbox Game Pass to download and play select Xbox games on your phone or tablet.

While many players prefer to touch their screen to control the action, others find that gaming accessories make it easier to play. For example, the Backbone One controller device lets gamers snap their smartphone into the controller and and play console games. Other popular mobile gaming accessories are clips and controllers. With a clip, you can mount your smartphone to this accessory and then play games on an attached video game controller. Many mobile gamers also look into cloud services to deliver a better gaming experience.

Cloud gaming.

A new frontier in gaming.

It’s too soon to make predictions, but cloud gaming could make purchasing physical or digital video games obsolete. With cloud-based gaming, players stream games the same way they would stream a movie on Netflix or another streaming service. Many tech companies have thrown their hats in the cloud gaming ring.

Xbox gamers who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription can also enjoy cloud gaming. PlayStation Now is another cloud service that lets users stream hundreds of classic PlayStation titles. The Backbone One controller lets gamers play cloud gaming on their smartphone. Another game-changer in the cloud gaming field is the Logitech G Cloud gaming system. This handheld device gives players access to hundreds of games over multiple cloud-gaming services. Given the investments in game-streaming technology, it’s likely that cloud gaming will be a larger part of gaming going forward.

Retro gaming.

Going back to the roots.

Even though gaming becomes more technologically advanced every year, there are still gamers who like to keep it simple. For many, nothing beats the fun of playing vintage games from the 1980s and 1990s. Arcade1Up has re-created arcade classics from this era — the only difference is that you don’t have to insert a quarter to play. Arcade classics such as Pac-Man, Galaga and Mortal Kombat can be great fun for anyone.

You may also want to try your hand at retro console games. In past years, PlayStation, Sega, Nintendo and others have released re-creations of classic consoles from the 1990s, complete with titles preinstalled. Keep your eyes open for limited releases of retro pinball and other special edition games in the future.

Backward compatibility.

Make the most of your old games.

This buying guide has discussed the latest consoles for Xbox and PlayStation. If you’re thinking about investing in a new console, you may be concerned about whether or not your old games will play on them. Rest assured; in most cases, they will.

Xbox Series X|S: Xbox has confirmed that nearly every Xbox One title — and even many Xbox 360 and original Xbox games — will be playable on Xbox Series X|S. Your Xbox One games may even feature faster frame rates and increased screen resolution when played on these next-gen consoles.

PlayStation 5: According to Sony, the overwhelming majority of PS4 games can be played on the PS5. Some of these PS4 games may run with higher or smoother frame rates.

Nintendo Switch: Games for Nintendo Wii U, the last-generation console, are not compatible with Switch or Switch Lite.

Last-gen consoles.

A worthy option.

The previous generation of consoles is referred to as last-gen. This includes the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. While software support eventually slows down and stops for last-gen consoles, you may still be able to play for some time to come on a last-gen console.

Not only are these consoles better suited for the budget-conscious, but you’ll likely have plenty of games to choose from when shopping for your next adventure.

Plus, when and if you decide to upgrade, consoles such as the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 will let you play some or all of your old games, instantly increasing your game library.

Gaming and your television.

Do you need to upgrade your setup?

Xbox Series X|S and PS5 are capable of delivering a completely immersive gaming experience. In fact, with some games, these consoles can play at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second (fps). To experience these consoles the way they were meant to be played, you may need to update parts of your home theater system.

If you have a next-gen console but don’t yet have a TV that will support 4K gaming, consider getting one. A TV that supports 4K gaming will allow you to fully appreciate the features of your console. If you want to go even further, think about getting an A/V receiver that is able to support your television, gaming console, speakers and other elements of your home theater. HDMI cables are another valuable purchase.

Warranties and services.

Geek Squad® Protection.

When you purchase a video game console or accessory at Best Buy, you can choose to enhance your manufacturer’s warranty with a 2-year Accidental Geek Squad Replacement Protection Plan. If your product breaks, is accidentally damaged, or requires replacement due to normal wear and tear or defects, you can get a replacement product.

In addition, if you would like help setting up your console or getting faster Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming, check out our video game services.

Shop online or in store.

Online we offer a strong selection of video game consoles and accessories. Your local Best Buy store also has an assortment of consoles, games, and accessories for you to explore. Plus, our friendly Blue Shirts are available to answer questions and help you choose the best devices and accessories for your needs.