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  1. NuvoMed - Bluetooth Body Fat Digital Scale - Black

    Model: NBFS-6/0703
    SKU: 6488316
  2. Withings - Body Smart Advanced Body Composition Smart Wi-Fi Scale - Black

    Model: WBS13-Black-All
    SKU: 6541711
  3. Garmin USA - Index™ S2 Smart Scale - Black

  4. Withings - Body Comp Complete Body Analysis Smart Wi-Fi Scale - Black

    Model: WBS12-Black-All-Inter
    SKU: 6541700
  5. Beurer - Bluetooth Digital Body Weight Scale - Silver

  6. Conair - Weight Watchers Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale - Black

    Model: WW930XF
    SKU: 6482627
  7. Beurer - Bluetooth Body Fat Scale for Full Body Analysis - Silver

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  9. Etekcity - Digital Body Weight Scale with Resistance Bands - Black

    Model: SHHMBWECNUS0020
    SKU: 6470325
  10. Omron - Bathroom Scales - Black

  11. Etekcity - Smart Fitness Scale with Resistance Bands - Black

    Model: SHHMBFECSUS0019
    SKU: 6438033
  12. Fitbit - Aria Digital Bathroom Scale - Black

  13. Etekcity - Apex HR Smart Fitness Scale - White

    Model: SHHMBFECSUS0042
    SKU: 6511412
  14. Withings - Body Cardio - Heart Health & Body Composition Wi-Fi Smart Scale - White

    SKU: 5869540
  15. Anker - eufy Smart Scale P2 - Black

  16. Conair - W/W Silver Painted Glass Scale w/XL Display - Silver

  17. Fitbit - Aria Air Digital Bathroom Scale - White

  18. Qardio - X Smart WiFi Scale and Full Body Composition-Black - Black

  19. Anker - eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro - Black

Buying a scale.

Benefits of owning a digital scale.

With today’s bathroom scales, it’s easier than ever to monitor your health and wellness. Compared to body weight scales from just several years ago, the latest digital scales are greatly improved thanks to cutting-edge technology. In addition to measuring your weight, they can also conduct full-body analyses and calculate body mass index (BMI), which can be a valuable indicator of physical fitness. Depending on which model you buy, you can even learn your percentage of body fat, skeletal muscle, bone density, water mass and visceral fat. Plus, if you program certain body fat scales to your personal age and height, you can keep track of your resting metabolism and other key health monitoring insights. Before you begin your search, there are specific factors to consider in choosing the best scale for your needs. For example, FSA/HSA eligibility, an easy-to-read display, maximum weight capacity, and whether it can connect to smart devices like activity trackers are features that can help you get the most out of your digital scale. Aside from digital bathroom scales for adult weight tracking, there are also specialized scales made for monitoring your baby’s health. Many new parents appreciate having a baby scale as part of their smart nursery to ensure that their newborn is getting enough to eat and gaining the right amount of weight for healthy development.

Measure more than pounds with a smart scale.

For many people, seeing their progress displayed on a scale is precisely the positive feedback they need to surge forward on their healthy living journey. Smart scales go a step further than simply providing basic weight loss milestones by pairing with Bluetooth-enabled fitness equipment connected on the same Wi-Fi network. If you’re planning to make your new scale a part of a complete fitness regimen that includes cardio, smart scales are an ideal choice. These high-tech personal care devices can connect to smart exercise equipment to share data and connect to the same fitness apps you use. Watching your progress over time can be extremely motivating which can lead to success in your long-term goals. It’s also helpful to pull up smart scale data on your smartphone to share with your care team during medical appointments or personal training sessions. If dehydration is a concern, your scale can also prompt apps to remind you to refill your water bottle and replenish fluids lost during exercise. Also, many body analyzing scales with smart technology allow you to add multiple profiles so your family members can reap the benefits too. Whether you decide to buy a smart scale or a body fat scale, you’ll find a variety of models and features at Best Buy to aid in your self-care.


Additional information: 
These statements and any information contained herein are intended for educational purposes only and are not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition. Carefully review product labels for instructions and important safety information, and consider consulting with a health care professional regarding your use of health and wellness products.

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