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  1. AZ Patio Heaters - Outdoor Patio Heater - Hammered Bronze - Angle_Zoom
    Model: HLDS01-CG
    SKU: 6447900
  2. Legacy Heating - Standing Propane Patio Heater - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: CAPH-7-S
    SKU: 6462918
  3. Solo Stove - Yukon 27" Bundle: Stand + Shelter - Stainless Steel - Front_Zoom
    Model: SSYUK-SD-27+SHELTER
    SKU: 6464395
  4. Legacy Heating - 45-Inch Square Fire Table - Brown - Front_Zoom
    Model: CDFP-S-CA5
    SKU: 6462923
  5. Solo Stove - Bonfire Bundle: Stand + Shelter - Stainless Steel - Front_Zoom
    SKU: 6464397
  6. Legacy Heating - Outdoor Flame Heater - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: CAPH-GT-S
    SKU: 6462963
  7. Fire Sense - Infrared Patio Heater - Black - Front_Standard
    Model: 60460
    SKU: 4083527
  8. Legacy Heating - Outdoor Flame Heater - Brown - Front_Zoom
    SKU: 6462962
  9. Fire Sense - Commercial Patio Heater - Silver - Front_Standard
    Model: 1775
    SKU: 9354904
  10. advertisement
  11. Bond - Rapid Induction Heater - Black - Front_Standard
    Model: 68149
    SKU: 4638403
  12. AZ Patio Heaters - Quartz Glass Tube Flame Heater - Hammered Bronze - Front_Zoom
    Model: HLDS01-GTHG
    SKU: 6452638
  13. Fire Sense - Patio Heater - Silver - Front_Standard
    Model: 2110
    SKU: 9354977
  14. Fire Sense - Pole-Mounted Infrared Patio Heater - Black - Front_Standard
    Model: 02678
    SKU: 5544039
  15. AZ Patio Heaters - Ground Electric Heater - Black - Left_Zoom
    Model: HIL-PHB-1500
    SKU: 6481577
  16. Fire Sense - Patio Heater - Hammered Platinum - Front_Zoom
    Hammered Platinum
    Model: 62555
    SKU: 6362261
  17. Fire Sense - Full-Length Vinyl Outdoor Patio Heater Cover - Black - Front_Standard
    Model: 02129
    SKU: 5543768
  18. AZ Patio Heaters - Faux Wood Tile Top Fire Pit - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: AFP-FWT
    SKU: 6447903
    Model: 60949
    SKU: 5544084
  20. AZ Patio Heaters - Outdoor Patio Heater - Hammered Bronze - Front_Zoom
    Model: HLDS01-CGT
    SKU: 6452845
  21. Legacy Heating - 28-Inch Square Fire Table - Brown - Front_Zoom
    Model: CDF-WMGB28
    SKU: 6462965
  22. Fire Sense - Full-Length Vinyl Pro Series Outdoor Patio Heater Cover - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: 61311
    SKU: 8967652
  23. DCS by Fisher & Paykel - Professional Built-In Gas Patio Heater - Brushed Stainless Steel - Front_Zoom
    Model: DRH-48N
    SKU: 6455044
  24. Legacy Heating - Rectangular Fire Pit Table - Black - Front_Zoom
    Model: CDFP-S-CB
    SKU: 6462964
  25. 1-Piece Reflector for Most Fire Sense Gas Patio Heaters With 3 Barrel Bolts - Silver - Front_Standard
    Model: 61437
    SKU: 8967634

Buying a patio heater.

Stretch your deck and patio seasons with an outdoor heater.

A patio heater can extend the time you're able to enjoy the outdoors, allowing you to grill year-round and start every day with a cup of coffee on your deck or patio. An outdoor heater keeps you, your friends and your family cozy and warm on chilly days and evenings as you relax on your patio furniture listening to music or enjoying a ball game. Choose from Best Buy's large selection of outdoor patio heaters based on the layout and décor of your alfresco space, so that the heater works in tandem with your solar outdoor lights, outdoor speakers and your barbecue grill. Plus, consider using an insect repellent device along with your heater to deter annoying bugs.

If your outdoor area is small, a portable tabletop outdoor heater might be your best choice. But if you want to heat a large area, consider a floor-standing infrared outdoor heater that’s also mobile so you can easily move it based on your patio activity. You may also find that a wall-mounted patio heater, or one that hangs from the ceiling, is the best way to keep your deck area toasty warm when the weather turns cool.

Outdoor patio heaters: What else you should know.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make during your patio heater selection process is whether you prefer an outdoor gas heater or an electric outdoor heater. Though both heaters can keep you warm, they work in different ways: a propane patio heater warms the area using both convection and radiant heat while an electric patio heater uses only radiant heat. An outdoor propane heater is easy to use and simple to install; it heats the surrounding area quickly using the same 20-lb. propane bottle used in many gas grills. An electric outdoor heater requires only an electrical outlet and can be moved indoors since it doesn’t need ventilation.

Look into the safety features of outdoor patio heaters before you buy. Most patio heaters include a tip-over safety switch and an auto shut-off feature. Outdoor gas heaters should not be brought inside. Place them in an open area, away from structures, tree branches or plants that might catch fire. 

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