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  1. Violator [2014] [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Depeche Mode
    SKU: 5919806
    Release Date: 03/25/2014
    Your price for this item is $19.99
  2. Plastic Beach [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Gorillaz
    SKU: 1147033
    Release Date: 09/28/2010
    Your price for this item is $18.99
  3. Hybrid Theory [Translucent Yellow Vinyl] [Only @ Best Buy] [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Linkin Park
    SKU: 6584343
    Release Date: 07/26/2024

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $26.99
  4. Popular Monster [Neon Pink and Black Galaxy Colored Vinyl] [Only @ Best Buy] [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Falling in Reverse
    SKU: 6583749
    Release Date: 08/16/2024

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $29.99
  5. reputation [Picture Disc] [2 LP] [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Taylor Swift
    SKU: 6167350
    Release Date: 12/15/2017
    Your price for this item is $38.99
  6. The Stranger [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Billy Joel
    SKU: 36253374
    Release Date: 04/19/2024

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $23.99
  7. Boston [LP] [Picture Disc]

    Artist: Boston
    SKU: 6301964
    Release Date: 12/02/2016
    Your price for this item is $30.99
  8. This One's for You [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Luke Combs
    SKU: 34350618
    Release Date: 11/16/2018
    Your price for this item is $27.99
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    The previous price was $29.99
  9. Samurai Champloo: Music Record Katana [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Tsutchie
    SKU: 35642109
    Release Date: 07/19/2024

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $69.99
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  11. Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Journey
    SKU: 3696329
    Release Date: 11/01/2011
    Your price for this item is $34.99
  12. Girls, Girls, Girls [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Mötley Crüe
    SKU: 35585882
    Release Date: 07/22/2022

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $23.99
  13. Disintegration [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: The Cure
    SKU: 9743936
    Release Date: 06/15/2010
    Your price for this item is $23.99
  14. Metro Boomin' Presents Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Heroes Edition] [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Metro Boomin
    SKU: 36094924
    Release Date: 11/17/2023
    Your price for this item is $47.99
  15. Greatest Hits [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Tom Petty
    SKU: 5661015
    Release Date: 07/29/2016
    Your price for this item is $40.99
  16. Great American Bar Scene [2 LP] [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Zach Bryan
    SKU: 36371393
    Release Date: 10/11/2024

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $39.99
  17. Ecology [Olive Green Opaque Vinyl] [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Rare Earth
    SKU: 34925099
    Release Date: 08/07/2020

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $29.99
  18. The Music of Red Dead Redemption II [Original Video Game Soundtrack] [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Various Artists
    SKU: 34726466
    Release Date: 09/20/2019
    Your price for this item is $32.99
  19. Goodies [LP] - VINYL

    Artist: Ciara
    SKU: 36340237
    Release Date: 09/27/2024

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $34.99

Buying vinyl records.

Finding the best LPs for your collection.

The idea of a record store seems somewhat vintage these days. Yet, new artists often deliver special-edition vinyl LPs with unique art that makes these records great for fans and collectors of any genre. You can find albums by Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish alongside those of Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and so many more. When shopping for the best vinyl records for your collection, you might start by choosing a genre, like rock vinyl records or blues vinyl records.

If you’re new to vinyl collecting, you’ll be glad to know that adding vinyl to your home audio doesn’t have to be hard. You can incorporate a component turntable into your audio arrangement by hooking it up to a home stereo system through the receiver. Alternatively, if you want a stand-alone option, you can choose an all-in-one turntable, which comes with its own speakers. The first option can offer superior sound, but the second works well for smaller spaces.

Benefits of listening to vinyl records.

Even in the age of digital music streaming subscriptions, vinyl continues to hold a special status in the world of music. And it’s not just nostalgia that keeps vinyl albums alive, it’s also the unique analog sound of music played from LP records. While digital music is ideal for crystal clarity and on-the-go convenience, vinyl records deliver a rich and layered audio quality. Vinyl also offers you creative options if you are a DJ, in which case you will definitely want to invest in a DJ turntable.

The ritual of listening to a whole album from beginning to end sets the experience of vinyl records apart from streaming, where music is usually shuffled between artists and albums. When you drop the needle of a turntable onto a vinyl record, you’re in for an artistically curated experience. So, if you are currently deciding on which audio system is best for your home, think about how you want to incorporate a turntable into your setup. And, don’t forget to include turntable cleaning accessories to ensure optimal sound quality while prolonging the lifespan of your vinyl records.

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