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Dyson Technology


Dyson Zone noise-canceling headphones.

Experience pure Dyson audio with advanced noise cancelation.

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Dyson Solarcycle Morph.

Intelligent lighting in multiple formats. Adapts and transforms with your day.

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Dyson featured products.

Person vacuuming. Vacuum displays bar chart: Highest bar is greater than 10 micrometers, pollen; next highest bar is greater than 60 micrometers, small particles; next highest bar is greater than 180 micrometers, dust mite; lowest bar is greater than 500 micrometers, larger particles.

Dyson Gen5detect cordless vacuum.

  • The most powerful cordless vacuum with HEPA filtration*
  • Fluffy Optic cleaner reveals dust on hard floors
  • Power adapts based on debris and floor type
  • Bars on screen reflect in real time the volume of particles removed as you clean
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Headphones, facial visor

Dyson Zone noise-canceling headphones.

  • Pure audio. Advanced noise cancelation.
  • Engineered for realistic detailed audio.
  • Up to 50 hours audio with ANC.
  • Connect to the MyDyson app for real-time environment updates.
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Cordless vacuums, Vacuum with green laser light

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Cord-free. Hassle-free. Clean your home, floor to ceiling, with a versatile cordless vacuum.

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Upright vacuums

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Improve the air quality in your home with a Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde or Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool.

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Upright vacuums

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All Dyson uprights feature Ball technology and are certified asthma and allergy friendly.

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Desk lamps

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Reduce eye strain with desk lamps that provide powerful light, right where you need it.

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Dyson Gen5detect:

*Tested at the inlet to ASTM F558, dust-loaded.

Buying Dyson products.

Benefits of Dyson technology.

Dyson first began in 1991 as a manufacturer of vacuums. The company founder, James Dyson, wanted to improve on vacuum designs that disappointed him up to that point. Since then, Dyson innovation has continued to pride itself on staying ahead of curve in vacuum technology, as evidenced by their powerful cordless vacuums.

They have also expanded their knowledge to excel in other product areas. For example, Dyson air purifier products feature innovative bladeless technology that adds a sleek aesthetic to your room while eliminating pollutants. Plus, the combination of a fan, heater and humidifier can take you comfortably through the seasons. The Dyson humidifier intelligently measures the temperature and humidity in your room to create the greatest comfort.

Dyson has also harnessed the strength of its motor design to engineer smaller gadgets, like Dyson zone headphones and hair car products. And they have added smart lamps to their list of technological innovation. 

Choosing the best Dyson appliances for you.

If you’re shopping for a vacuum, Dyson has excellent options for you. Their vacuums use cyclonic separation to maintain excellent suction as well as Dyson Ball™ technology to make maneuvering around furniture easier. Choose a Dyson cordless vacuum to clean up quickly without any hassle. Dyson cleaning products will have you cleaning your floors like a pro.

If you are shopping for an air purifier, Dyson products will offer you some of the best functionality paired with their signature look. Examine what kind of contaminants each model removes. The best Dyson purifier for you will include the features you need. If you have allergies, you will want to make sure you choose an option that is fully HEPA-sealed. You can also select from different heat and humidifier add-on features.

Dyson electronics bring top-notch quality to lighting, cleaning and hair care, just to name a few. Simply put, Dyson home products just make living easier.