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Home Office Setup

Choosing the right office furniture for your space.

Consider your layout.

To create an office space that meets all your standards, examine the amount of space you’ll need as well as the location. Usually, low-traffic areas away from noise and distraction are a great place to start.

Choosing the best desk for you.

Before you begin, consider these factors:

  • Your budget, space and location
  • Dimensions and sizing of desk to help determine your style
  • Adjustable standing desks for a healthier lifestyle
  • Ideal desk height to help improve posture
  • Surface area needed for technology and room to work
  • Storage capacity needed
  • Position near electrical outlets
  • Cable management

Shop desks by type

Computer desks
Capable of housing your monitor, laptop, printer and all the essentials in one place.
Executive desks
More decorative in style with plenty of drawer space for storing and organizing files, documents and more.
Standing desks
Never compromise comfort or health with easily adjustable standing desks.
L-shaped/corner desks
Complete your next project on a more sizeable desk, perfect for any corner of the room.
Straight desks
Traditional design that fits anywhere in your office space.
Gaming desks
Built for extra hardware, multiple screens, and stands for headsets and controllers.

Choosing the best office chair for you.

What to consider when choosing an office chair.

Form, function and comfort are all part of choosing your office chair. Consider your options when it comes to lumbar support to improve your posture, as well as armrest features, swivel and recline. The right chair can help improve your comfort and productivity.

Shop office chairs by type

Executive chairs
More formal in look and shape with high-quality materials for a professional feel.
Manager chairs
Designed for prolonged sitting sessions and a more mobile feel.
Task chairs
More portable and found in a variety of materials like mesh, fabric and plastic.
Ergonomic chairs
Built to improve your posture and overall productivity while working.
Gaming chairs
Designed for both comfort and style during long hours of work and play.
Drafting chairs and stools
A taller, more flexible sitting experience for completing any creative project.

Complete your office space.

Desk lamps
Keep your workspace bright and productive with desk lamps.
Keep everything stored, organized and at the ready in your office space.
File cabinets
Store important documents safely and securely with the right file cabinet.
Desk accessories
Keep your office space neat and tidy with a variety of accessories.
Office chair accessories
Upgrade the comfort and function of your chair and sitting space.