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Ideal for light use, such as surfing the Web, paying bills online, e-mail and social networking.
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Features like faster processors and more system memory make these ideal for sophisticated graphics and photo editing.
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Streamlined, self-contained computers with all the circuitry built into large monitors.
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Boasting elegant and easy-to-use interfaces that complement Apple's sleek aesthetics, high build quality and sophisticated ergonomics.
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Budget-friendly desktops and all-in-ones, repaired and restored to a like-new state.
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Maximize your space with a desktop PC that doesn’t take up as much surface area as a traditional tower.

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Desktops and all-in-one computers are excellent choices for anyone hoping to set up their PC at home or the office. But what’s the difference between a desktop and an all-in-one computer? A desktop PC is a computer tower that connects to a screen or monitor. But an all-in-one computer combines the tower and monitor into one device for a sleeker, all-inclusive product that can sit on your computer desk. The best all-in-one computers are relatively easy to transport, take up less space, and reduce cable clutter. If you know you’ll be using your PC for activities that take higher processing speeds, like PC gaming, a desktop computer can offer more power. You can even find gaming PC desktops that provide larger fans, graphics cards, and other components for endless gameplay. If you prefer the more compact style of an all-in-one desktop computer, you can explore external hard drives and storage devices for extra file capacity. With a variety of choices, Best Buy can help you find the best desktop computer or all-in-one PC for your needs.

Get the most out of your desktop PC or all-in-one computer.

No matter what type of desktop computer you choose, there are several tools you can add to complete your PC setup. Typically, both all-in-one computers and desktop PCs will include the standard requirements, but you may wish to upgrade to a more advanced mouse and keyboard. A desktop computer will need a monitor to use as a display, but even all-in-one PCs can connect to a separate monitor so you can navigate two screens at once. Just make sure you have the correct cables or connectors for your computer and display, or even a wireless adapter. You can attach other helpful peripherals like computer speakers for ultimate audio and a color printer to fill your workspace. For those who work at home, our Discover & Learn center has helpful tips on setting up your home office. However you decide to accessorize your desktop PC or all-in-one computer, you’ll want to remember to regularly maintain the device with computer cleaning and repair items so you can use it for years to come.