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Shopping Desktops & All-in-One Computers

Is a Desktop Computer Your Best Choice?

Desktops are one of the best PC options for use as a home or family computer and readily lend themselves to being part of a dedicated work space. As long as mobility isn't top of your priority list for a home computer, a desktop or all-in-one computer might be the best computer type to meet your needs. Additionally, since they typically have larger screens than a laptop or tablet — up to 30 inches in some cases — they're ideal for multitasking, with room for multiple windows open at the same time. Best Buy has options from a variety of trusted brands, so you can easily find a Dell Desktop or Asus Desktop to fit your price range, or check out computers from Lenovo, HP and more.

When connected to a monitor or TV, even the cheapest desktop computer can double as media storage for movies, music, pictures, and all your digital media. If you are planning to use your computer for gaming, a desktop option will let you swap out components and upgrade as games evolve and new hardware is required. Both desktop Macs and PCs offer lots of memory space, are easy to upgrade, have fast processors, use a mouse and don't require a battery.

Should You Be on Team Mac or Team PC?

This question has been debated endlessly, but often comes down to personal preference. Apple Macs offer fewer, but very highly regarded, hardware options designed to meet the needs of different budgets, lifestyles and power requirements. On the other hand, there are hundreds of Windows PCs available, from a multitude of manufacturers. PCs have numerous software packages available for pretty much any task (some of which are free, others available for purchase), while Macs come out of the box with a collection of useful apps already installed.

As for the operating system, both Windows and iOS are impressive, for households and workplaces alike. Apple devices work seamlessly together, so if you have an iPhone for instance, the decision to keep your eye open for Apple computer sales may be an easy one. It should also be noted, iOS can be run on PCs and much of the most popular software, like Microsoft Office, is available for both Macs and PCs.

What Are the Advantages of an All-in-One Computer?

You may decide that the best personal computer for you is an all-in-one computer, which is basically a large monitor, with a computer built into the back or base. All-in-ones are easy to set up — just plug in, attach the keyboard and mouse, and you're ready to go. They don't usually allow much in the way of upgradability, but with most you can add RAM and an external hard drive. Finally, they don't take up as much space and they require fewer cables than component systems.