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Buying Desktops & All-in-One Computers

Desktop Computers: The Benefits

Many people prefer a desktop computer for several reasons, including the benefit of more powerful processing chip options, and more extensive memory and storage capacity than other types of computers. The best desktop computers also offer optimum flexibility for configuration upgrades and incorporating peripherals. You can add storage by swapping out your hard drive or by getting an external hard drive in order to accommodate larger video, audio and digital images, along with sharing on other computers. A desktop computer also gives you the option of upgrading your video graphics card for improved gaming performance, and more consistent video and movie streaming. Plus, both the extra storage space and the extra graphics power could be especially helpful if you want to use music, photo and video editing software to shape your media files and make your creative visions a reality. Additionally, desktops make good family computers, and they can accommodate a larger monitor while providing an easy option for adding a second monitor. Furthermore, they tend to last a long time since they're not mobile and not prone to being dropped, and they're easier to repair than other computer styles.

All-in-One Computers: The Benefits

An all-in-one computer is a self-contained, all-inclusive computer in a small, streamlined, high-tech package, with all the circuitry built into its monitor or base. All-in-ones generally have a keyboard and a mouse, often a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, and some models provide you with a touch-screen experience. Because of the smaller profile, an all-in-one is often designed using mobile components, which makes it somewhat slower and less powerful — and with fewer upgradable options — than a desktop computer, though many users find its performance meets their needs. The best all-in-one computers are relatively easy to transport, have a smaller footprint and take up less space. In addition, they have less or no cable clutter, and they're quick and easy to set up.

Which Style Is Best for You?

A good way to determine whether a desktop computer or an all-in-one computer is optimal for you is to determine how you intend to use it. If your primary computer activities are surfing the web, answering and sending emails, social networking and paying bills, an all-in-one computer is probably the way to go. If you’re likely to do all that, plus store and stream music and movies, and also execute more complex business functions like spreadsheet tasks, report generation and PowerPoint presentation creation using Microsoft Office software, you can go either way as long as you select a device with sufficient processing speed, memory and storage to cover your activities. If you're into serious gaming, work with sophisticated graphs, or dive into photo editing, video production or audio recording, you'll likely want the increased power and peripherals flexibility a desktop computer can provide.

Get the Most Out of Your All-in-One/Desktop Computer

Whether you choose an all-in-one computer or a desktop computer, there are a few accessories that will help you optimize your computer's effectiveness. Whether your computer is isolated in an office or situated in a more central place in your home where family members can use it, you may want to consider getting a computer desk that fits into your layout and/or decor. Obviously if you're a passionate gamer you want headphones, possibly with a built-in microphone, to provide the superior audio delivery you need to maximize your gaming performance. But even if you don't spend much time playing games, you may find headphones are convenient when you're performing office tasks at home or want to listen to podcasts or music privately, without disturbing other members of the household. You might also want to consider a battery backup to render sudden power losses, brownouts and unexpected computer shutdowns harmless. With a battery back-up system in place, the computer's power source switches pretty much instantaneously from electrical power to battery power whenever an issue occurs, avoiding lost or corrupt data, or even a damaged hard drive.