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Multiroom Audio Systems

Shopping for Wireless and Multiroom Audio Products

A multiroom wireless speaker system is the perfect way to stream your favorite music, podcasts and even the latest news reports, directly from a smartphone, tablet, or multiroom receiver to any room of your house. Many multiroom audio systems are simple to set up and will play streaming audio from your favorite online sources like Pandora and Spotify.

One of the best things about multiroom speakers is that you can stream your audio to all of your connected speakers, in any room of the house—even out on the deck or patio. Or, choose to bring a portable wireless speaker on the go for convenience that doesn't sacrifice quality.

Which wireless speaker system is right for me?

The first consideration when choosing an audio system is deciding how many rooms you'd like to connect to your music library, as well as the size of those rooms. The answers to those questions will help you determine how many speakers you'll need and what size will work best. Some speakers are built for smaller spaces like bedrooms, while others are designed for a large living room, or even outdoors. And, if you'd like to control all your speakers in multiple rooms using the same source, make sure the technology you choose supports multispeaker control.

Wi-Fi Speakers Technology

The next thing to think about when shopping for wireless multiroom audio systems, is the kind of technology you'll use to stream your audio. Keep in mind, all Wi-Fi speakers use your home network to connect to your streaming audio services, but different brands vary slightly in how they use your network. For instance, Qualcomm AllPlay lets you set up and control multiple speakers on the same system. No extra accessories are needed. Play-Fi technology lets you stream audio over a standard Wi-Fi connection and works with smartphones, tablets and PCs. Google Cast sends your favorite entertainment from your phone, tablet or laptop to your multiroom speakers using a simple app. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers don't require a Wi-Fi network. You simply connect your speaker to your smartphone or tablet to stream your audio via the Bluetooth connection. A portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect way to bring your audio on the go.