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Best Buy Trade-In


To ensure that we protect our employees, customers and their respective families, we are temporarily suspending the product trade-in and recycling services at our stores. To start your online trade-in from home, please use the estimator below.

Trade in

Trade in and trade up.

Making the most of your old tech is easy. Check our trade-in estimator below to see what your item is worth, then trade it in for a Best Buy gift card you can use to upgrade to the latest tech.

Recycling symbol

Can't trade it in? Recycle it.

If your unwanted tech has no value, you can still get rid of it, no matter how old it is.

Estimate your trade-in value.

Important note:

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices that use iOS 7 and above need to have "Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod" turned off before trade-in.


At Best Buy, we're focused on doing what's right for you and the environment.

Our commitment to corporate sustainability includes Trade-In and Recycling programs and more.