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  1. Oculus - Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset - 128GB - Angle_Zoom
    Internal Memory:
    Model: 899-00182-02
    SKU: 6473553
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Choosing a VR headset.

What is a virtual reality headset?

VR PC headsets are a key component of an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience. VR headsets connect with VR computers to visually transport you to a computer-generated 3D world where you feel like you’re a part of the action by using sensors within the headset and VR controllers to track your motion and replicate it in the game. The best VR headsets for PC gaming have a low degree of latency, which is the lag time or delay between when you move your head and when the change occurs in the VR point of view. Modern head-tracking and display technology in the latest wireless VR headsets are built in to create an even more realistic, convincing VR experience with minimal latency, which is fortunate for those who experience virtual-reality sickness symptoms due to a higher degree of latency with earlier generations of VR goggles. Due to upgrades in VR technology, if you have an older VR gaming headset you might need to buy USB-C cables to support the advancements and get an enhanced virtual reality experience.  

Choosing the best VR headset for you. 

Because the VR PC gaming headset is crucial in achieving a 360-degree audio visual environment, you’ll want to choose a VR headset that fits snug yet comfortably. Since most VR games take hours to play, it’s important that the weight of the headset is balanced so that there isn’t any strain placed on your neck or back. Some VR headsets are rechargeable but for those that aren’t, stock up on household batteries so you always have a supply on hand. Another important thing to consider is the gaming chair you’re going to use to ensure that you can relax with support while you move throughout the VR game. Make sure that the virtual reality headset you’re buying is compatible with the VR system that you have so that it’s optimized for the games in the library that come with the set. Cases, power, and memory cards are all VR components that protect your VR PC headset and system and give you additional storage space for adding more games to enjoy. If you need any help picking out the best reality headset for your VR system, Best Buy can help you find one as well as whatever gaming room essentials you need for hours of fun VR entertainment. 

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