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  1. Autel - AL629 ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission Scan Tool

    Model: AutoLINK AL629
    SKU: 6538725

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $179.99
  2. Autel - AL329 Easy-to-Use Handheld OBDII Code Reader

    Model: AutoLINK AL329
    SKU: 6538730

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $39.99
  3. Autel - AutoLINK AL529HD Heavy Duty Vehicle Code Reader

    Model: AutoLINK AL529HD Heavy Duty
    SKU: 6538729
    Your price for this item is $134.99
    The previous price was $179.99
  4. Autel - MD808P All Code Reader w/EPB/SAS/DPF Services

    Model: MaxiDIAG MD808P
    SKU: 6538717

    Not Yet Reviewed

    Your price for this item is $319.99
  5. Autel - AP200 Advanced Smartphone Vehicle Diagnostics App

    Model: MaxiAPP AP200
    SKU: 6538716
    Your price for this item is $69.99
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Selecting car diagnostic tools.

Benefits of vehicle diagnostic tools.

When you think of car electronics, things like in-dash GPS, car audio speakers or Bluetooth and hands-free devices are probably what come to mind. But what about your car’s internal electronics?

Have you ever had that scary “check engine” light come on while you were driving and wondered what was going wrong with your car? Ordinarily, you’d have to find a local mechanic and bring your car in to have the computer system read by an OBD reader—a car code reader. But you can also take the power into your own hands by carrying a personal auto diagnostic tool.

Like other great car tech gadgets, a car diagnostic tool can improve your relationship with your car. Compatible with most vehicles manufactured since 1996, an OBD2 code reader (also called an OBD-II scanner) plugs into the vehicle diagnostics port underneath the steering wheel of your car to give you information about your car’s computer alerts. The information will help you decide whether you need to seek out professional help immediately or not.

Getting the most out of your auto diagnostics.

Besides identifying dashboard warning lights and giving you a heads-up to possible issues before they cost you big money, frequent engine diagnostic health assessments can also help you avoid breakdowns and improve overall fuel efficiency and vehicle reliability. Depending on your vehicle’s computer, car diagnostics can give you a way to monitor many electrical engine, steering, brake and battery systems. For road trips, an OBD2 scanner is a must-have tool.

As you become more comfortable with your car’s electronics, you may consider upgrades to improve your ride. When tackling any DIY installation, always make sure you have the right car electronic installation accessories. Seeking help from professional car electronic installers is another option if you want to ensure everything is installed correctly. This is also a good time to think about investing in ways to improve your vehicle’s safety and security, such as a car security system, dash cams and even jump starters just in case of an emergency.

In some ways, cars feel more complex and confusing than ever before, but with a little tech on your side, you can get comfortable understanding and interacting with your vehicle.

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