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Nintendo Labo kit

Nintendo Labo vehicle kit.

Build a Toy-Con car, Toy-Con submarine, and Toy-Con plane that can interact with your Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch sold separately.

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Dash Robot and Xylophone Demo

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Learn More About Educational STEM Toys

More Than Cool Toys for Kids

Technology is taking a larger role in many areas of our lives. When children learn the principles behind technology, they will gain a better understanding of the way the world works.

This is where STEM fits in. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. With STEM toys, a child in your life can learn important lessons outside the classroom. STEM toys are not only educational toys; they are also fun. Your child can learn critical lessons without feeling like he or she is doing homework. STEM toys are excellent for girls and boys of all ages.

Introducing Science and Tech to Kids

STEM toys can involve many different types of play. For instance, STEM toys could show your child the basics of coding and programming. STEM toys also involve learning about science. Science toys for kids often incorporate experiments, robotics and more. Magnetic sets or other types of magnet toys can show your child the principles of magnetism while also spurring your child's creativity.

Many learning toys are also smart toys, meaning that they have on-board electronics and can be connected to the Internet. Your child could connect to the Internet through a kid-friendly tablet. A set of headphones for kids is also a nice accessory. Kids' headphones, unlike headphones geared toward adults, have a lower volume limit.

Other Educational Items for Kids

In addition to STEM toys, there are other items that can stimulate your child's creativity. For instance, with a kid's digital camera, your child can learn the basics of photography. Many of these cameras let kids print photos from the camera, much like the Polaroid cameras of years past. A kid's smartwatch can teach your child how to tell time and might also be used to track physical activities. Plus, a smartwatch will often give your child access to apps and games.

STEM toys and related items are about more than enhancing your child's education. Toys also engage your child's creativity and other skills. Whether your child already has interest in STEM, or if you want to introduce your child to STEM, toys and electronics can be a great entry into this field.